Best products in the Office furniture accessories category

Here's a ranking of the best products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've also added some key information about the products.

1. Topstar Role

The Topstar castors are suitable for parquet, tiles and stone. Set of 5 castors.

2. Actiforce Cable tray Swing black

Easy to fold down, incl. mounting material.

3. Topstar Hard floor roller set

Double castor for hard floors. Suitable for marble, laminate and parquet floors. Additional floor protection mat recommended. Hard floor roller with 10 mm pin can be retrofitted. The roll diameter is 5 cm. 

4. FineBuy Lauri

DesignUniversal floor rolls for office chairs in a five-part setLarge 75 mm wheels for more comfortTransparent treads prevent discoloration on your floorColourTread: transparentBracket: blackParticularitiesVery quiet through the rubberized treads - noise is minimizedLarge reel diameter with a total of 75 mm - making it even smootherABEC 7 ball bearing in the middle of the roller - less frictional resistance, more comfortHighly abrasion-resistant and non-lubricating coating of the rollersSliding, unrestrained swivel castorsExtremely stable metal housing for a long service lifeSuitable for office chairs with 11mm PIN (diameter of the metal pin)Total load capacity of all five rolls: 300 kg (60 kg per roll)Suitable forcarpetAll hard floors such. B. laminate, parquet, wooden floorboards, tilesMaterial treadsMixture of polypropylene and polyurethaneDelivery5 universal rollersDelivery without d. 

5. Hama Turntable

A desktop computer monitor may provide you with a conveniently larger screen for use for work or leisure, but the problem is that you cannot pass it from person to person or reposition it as easily as you can a portable laptop, making it difficult to view or read what is on the screen. This is especially the case if you are one of several users that like it positioned at a slightly different angle due to height differences etc. or if there are several people trying to view it at the same time.

This Universal Rotary Plate from Hama allows you to achieve the optimal angle for everyone’s viewing by making it possible to easily rotate the monitor in whatever direction you wish. Eliminate sun glare in an instance by making a quick and simple rotation on the plate or twist it around to show someone something on the other side of the room without scraping the desk at the same time. Whatever you need it for the rotary plate will allow quick and fluid movements as well as keeping your monitor firmly on the desk thanks to the integrated non-slip rubber feet. These also prevent scratching of the desk or a horrible grinding noise in the event that you do want to move the plate.

Compatible with a Wide Range of Equipment at Home and in the Office

Suitable for both home and office and being compatible with a wide range of products including not only computer monitors and TVs but also speakers, hi-fi equipment, kitchen appliances and more, the plate creates a firm, non-slip grip on any flat surface and allows equipment to be easily maneuvered to meet your requirements and create maximum comfort and enjoyment for both you and others as well as avoiding any unnecessary accidents from equipment sliding or being knocked off of stands and desks.

6. Amstyle Rolls

No more fear of scratches and smear marks on the light & sensitive floor (e.g. parquet): Due to the soft and high-quality polyurethane surface of the rollers, these problems are no longer an issue - your floor protection mat is now obsolete. The 50 mm large hard floor castors have load-dependent brakes - these only engage when not under load and prevent unintentional rolling away // When under load, the wheels are pleasantly smooth-running - no annoying braking resistance. The castors can be changed easily without tools: Pull the old castors out of the base and simply insert the new AMSTYLE castors - super convenient & easy. Due to the standard size of 11 mm, the silver metal pins fit in almost every office chair. This is a set of 5. 

7. Actiforce Material drawer

Suitable for standing and sitting tables, handle strip and bevelled front, pull-out type: ball bearing slide, bamboo insert included.

8. Fellowes Office Suites keyboard drawer

For mounting under the desk or other work surfaces. Can be mounted at three different heights, 44, 54 or 64 mm below the table top. The mouse tray can be attached to the right or left and slides under the keyboard. 

9. SpeaKa Professional Keyboard tray

The Speaka Professional SP-KT-150 is a space-saving solution to store your keyboard safely and invisibly. Thanks to the rail-mounted design, your keyboard is quickly ready for use when needed. 

10. Deuba Gas pressure spring

For bar stools, office chairs and lounge chairs! This gas pressure spring is a pneumatic spring in the highest quality class III. Gas under high pressure provides the needed spring force. The cylinder and the freely moving piston inside have an integrated damper mechanism and allow you to slide up and down softly. Thanks to the conical plug connection, this spring can be used with almost every common office or desk chair - Especially at permanent or high load! The gas pressure spring is easy to install, has a long service life and a max. load capacity of 180 kg (395 pounds). Product advantages: Highest quality class: Class III Easy installation Conical plug connection Steplessly adjustable Excellent lifting characteristics High reliability High load capacity Long service life Technical data: Torque: 400 Nm Material: Metal Max. lenght: 35,5cm / 14 in Cylinder Ø bottom: 4,3cm / 1.7 in.