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1. Mission Earth - The world is worth fighting for

Time to actRobert Marc Lehmann is on a mission: "Mission Earth" - dedicated to preserving our planet with its unique nature and wildlife. The marine biologist, photographer and environmentalist is on missions worldwide to save wildlife and fight environmental crime. He takes us on very emotional whale rescues, dangerous turtle and pangolin rescues in the jungle or sometimes life-threatening missions in which he tries to put a stop to the people who are destroying our earth. He shows how serious the situation is, makes us witness the dramatic events on our planet and explains what must be done now and what each one of us can do - because: The world is worth fighting for!The first book to help save the world: with your purchase, a square meter of existing virgin forest belongs to you!!! 

Mission Earth - The world is worth fighting for (Robert Marc Lehmann, German)

Mission Earth - The world is worth fighting for

Robert Marc Lehmann, German


2. A short history of mankind

Man: Crown of creation or horror of the ecosystem? How have we, Homo Sapiens, managed to win the struggle of the six human species for survival? Why did our ancestors, who were once hunter-gatherers, settle, farm, and found cities and kingdoms? Why did we begin to believe in gods, in nations, in human rights? Why do we trust in money, books and laws and submit to bureaucracy, timetables and consumption? And has all this made us happier over the millennia? A hundred thousand years ago, Homo sapiens was an insignificant animal that lived inconspicuously in a remote corner of the African continent. Our ancestors shared the planet with at least five other human species, and the role they played in the ecosystem was no greater than that of gorill. 

A short history of mankind (Yuval Noah Harari, German)

A short history of mankind

Yuval Noah Harari, German


3. Handlettering. The big book of decorative elements

There's no question: decorative elements are the icing on the cake on a handlette ring. Whether ribbons, edge designs or small pictograms, this book is a treasure trove of the most diverse decorative elements that can further underline the message of a letter. Inspirations for special occasions such as weddings, birthdays or simply motifs through the seasons complete the collection. At the end of the book you will again find examples of use, alphabets and many templates. 

Handlettering. The big book of decorative elements (Mrs. Annika, German)

Handlettering. The big book of decorative elements

Mrs. Annika, German


4. Trading psychology How the pros think and act

He who is afraid loses. And when you trade, that means cash. Financial psychologist, mental trainer and trader Norman Welz explains what fear does in everyday trading. But above all, he demonstrates how it can be controlled. It accompanies the reader in his development as a trader and shows many practical ways to get a grip on fear and stress, to become balanced and learn to concentrate. In the future, stock market success will not be a random product of a positive or negative basic mood or personal disposition, but a consequence of controlled trading. The standard work contains a comprehensive overview of the psychology of trading. Classical evolutionary biology is applied as well as behavioral finance, personality research and the latest findings in neuroscience and anxiety research. Learn how to recognize and control fear as a disturbing and loss factor when trading. 

Trading psychology How the pros think and act (Norman Welz, German)

Trading psychology How the pros think and act

Norman Welz, German


5. Hunting in Switzerland

The successful Swiss basic teaching material prepares prospective hunters for the hunting exam in an appropriate and practical manner. Clearly formulated learning objectives make it easy for the reader to recognize the weighting of the topics and test their own knowledge. With numerous photos and illustrations, the book also serves as a reference work for experienced hunters and a nature-interested public. This standard work takes into account the diversity of wildlife and hunting in all parts of Switzerland. 

6. The book you wish your parents had read...

In her bestseller, Philippa Perry explains what really matters between parents and children. The experienced psychotherapist reveals how we do not pass on painful experiences from our own childhood, but heal them. If we become aware that our own upbringing also influences our relationship with our children, we can learn from mistakes - and make amends for them. We learn how to break out of negative behaviour patterns and how to deal with impulsive feelings. 

The book you wish your parents had read... (Philippa Perry, German)

The book you wish your parents had read...

Philippa Perry, German


7. Chasser en Suisse

This first basic manual in Switzerland has been a success and allows future hunters to prepare themselves for the hunting permit in a convenient and practical manner. The clearly formulated training objectives help the reader to understand the various subjects and to test his or her knowledge. Thanks to its numerous photos and illustrations, this manual also serves as a reference book for experienced hunters as well as for the general public interested in nature. Cet ouvrage tient compte de la grande diversité de la faune et de la chasse de toutes les parties de la Suisse. The second edition is distinguished by new graphics, larger illustrations and improved readability. Les sujets richement illustrés tels que l'éviscération et le dépouillement sont accompagnés de petites vidéos facilitant la compréhension. They can be downloaded using a QR code. 

8. Handlettering exercise book

Get to your pens and start climbing. The exercise booklet to the book offers plenty of space for your own creations of letters and words. - Compact overview of the basics - instructions for different fonts - lots of space for practising and trying out. 

Handlettering exercise book (Katja Haas, German)

Handlettering exercise book

Katja Haas, German


9. Hoi - Your New Swiss German Survival Guide

Bergli Book s Hoi Guides are the best-selling Swiss German guides of all time, now with over 50,000 copies in print. The original English-Swiss German survival guide has been completely updated for this tenth anniversary edition, which features a larger format and all new-cartoons. Now you too can enjoy speaking Swiss German. With this survival guide s over 200 cartoons and 2000 words and phrases, it s not just easy, it is downright fun. 

Hoi - Your New Swiss German Survival Guide (Nicole Egger, German)

Hoi - Your New Swiss German Survival Guide

Nicole Egger, German


10. The German spelling

With its 5,000 new words, the "Duden - Die deutsche Rechtschreibung" now offers 140,000 keywords with over 500,000 meanings and additional information on word division, pronunciation, grammar, etymology and style. The rules are presented in an easily understandable manner and provided with practical examples. In addition, there are detailed special entries on cases of doubt and stumbling blocks of the German language, tips for good German as well as information on modern text design. 

The German spelling (Duden editorial office, German)

The German spelling

Duden editorial office, German