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1. Mission Earth - The world is worth fighting for

Time to actRobert Marc Lehmann is on a mission: "Mission Earth" - dedicated to preserving our planet with its unique nature and wildlife. The marine biologist, photographerand environmentalist is on missions worldwide to save wildlife and fight environmental crime. He takes us on very emotional whale rescues, dangerous turtle and pangolin rescues in the jungle or sometimes life-threatening missions in which he tries to put a stop to the people who are destroying our earth. He shows how serious the situation is, makes us witness the dramatic events on our planet and explains what must be done now and what each one of us can do - because: The world is worth fighting for!The first book to help save the world: with your purchase, a square meter of existing virgin forest belongs to you!!! 

Mission Earth - The world is worth fighting for (Robert Marc Lehmann, German)
28.30 CHF

Mission Earth - The world is worth fighting for

Robert Marc Lehmann, German

2. A short history of mankind

Man: Crown of creation or horror of the ecosystem? How have we, Homo Sapiens, managed to win the struggle of the six human species for survival? Why did our ancestors,who were once hunter-gatherers, settle, farm, and found cities and kingdoms? Why did we begin to believe in gods, in nations, in human rights? Why do we trust in money, books and laws and submit to bureaucracy, timetables and consumption? And has all this made us happier over the millennia? A hundred thousand years ago, Homo sapiens was an insignificant animal that lived inconspicuously in a remote corner of the African continent. Our ancestors shared the planet with at least five other human species, and the role they played in the ecosystem was no greater than that of gorill. 

A short history of mankind (Yuval Noah Harari, German)
22.60 CHF

A short history of mankind

Yuval Noah Harari, German

3. Hunting in Switzerland

The successful Swiss basic teaching material prepares prospective hunters for the hunting exam in an appropriate and practical manner. Clearly formulated learningobjectives make it easy for the reader to recognize the weighting of the topics and test their own knowledge. With numerous photos and illustrations, the book also serves as a reference work for experienced hunters and a nature-interested public. This standard work takes into account the diversity of wildlife and hunting in all parts of Switzerland. 

Hunting in Switzerland (Conference of Hunting and Fishing Administrators of Switzerland JFK-CSF-CCP, German)
75.10 CHF

Hunting in Switzerland

Conference of Hunting and Fishing Administrators of Switzerland JFK-CSF-CCP, German

4. Jaron on the trail of happiness

Things couldn't be worse for young fox Jaron: his strict father forces him to play football, even though he doesn't like the training at all. His best friend suddenlyprefers to spend time with two meanies who constantly annoy Jaron. And then the teacher puts him in a girls' group for the big project! But there, cheeky bunny girl Lotte announces, "We're exploring what makes you happy!" She sweeps the saddened Jaron along - into an adventurous search for happiness.
A story about the small and big questions of life, about the courage to stand by oneself and the transforming power of friendship.

Jaron on the trail of happiness (Fabian Grolimund, Stefanie Rietzler, German)
35.10 CHF

Jaron on the trail of happiness

Fabian Grolimund, Stefanie Rietzler, German

5. The Watch Book Rolex

Languages: German, English, French
- For the anniversary: now including new models of the Submariner (70 years) and the Daytona (60 years)
- The standard work
in a revised and expanded edition, NEW: additional digital content
- Curated by bestselling author and watch expert Gisbert L. Brunner.

Watch enthusiasts take note. The ultimate standard work on the Rolex brand is going into a new edition. "The Watch Book Rolex" has long been indisputably one of the best coffee-table books when it comes to the luxury watch brand.
In this superlative coffee-table book, Gisbert L. Brunner, known among experts as the "watch pope", illuminates the history of the chronometric legend Rolex. In his usual artistic style, he explains what makes this brand unique and to what extent it has contributed to the technical development of the wristwatch. From the first officially certified wristwatch, to the waterproof "Oyster" case, to the technically sophisticated models of modern times, Gisbert covers everything the reader needs to know about the Rolex brand in impressive pictures and highly informative yet entertaining texts.
In the third revised edition, the successful author has now also included the latest models of the legendary Submariner and Daytona series, the brand's traditional lines, which are already celebrating their 70th and 60th anniversaries.
But in this edition, Gisbert also addresses the particular challenges facing the watchmaking trade in the advancing 21st century. The business is confronted with the increasing shortage of skilled workers. The author highlights the innovative projects and programmes with which the luxury brand is countering this trend in order to be able to maintain its own standards of guarantee and service in the future.

Brand new and a special goodie for real watch fans is the additional digital content, which only owners of the illustrated book "The Watch Book.

The Watch Book Rolex (Snyder McCarver, German)
87.30 CHF

The Watch Book Rolex

Snyder McCarver, German

6. The great encyclopedia of healing stones, scents and herbs

This book contains everything you need to know about the successful application of healing stones. At the end of each chapter is the appropriate register with thousandsof healing effects from A-Z. The same applies to all essential oils and herbs (also in the form of food supplements). All healing stones are illustrated in colour and described in detail with regard to applications and healing effects. Comprehensive disease lists at the end of each chapter make it easier for you to make your choice and also allow you to combine it with the right essential oils or herbs. Furthermore, all healing stones including healing effects according to Hildegard von Bingen, the chakra therapy including aura protection, everything about healing stone essences and the manufacturing processes of gemstone water are included. For the topic water stones and gemstone water there are listings about the most important healing stone mixtures for a. 

The great encyclopedia of healing stones, scents and herbs (Gerhard Gutzmann, German)
21.90 CHF

The great encyclopedia of healing stones, scents and herbs

Gerhard Gutzmann, German

7. Small linguistic atlas of German-speaking Switzerland

The Kleine Sprachatlas der deutschen Schweiz clearly shows the diversity of the Swiss dialect landscape and tells of the history and origin of the words. If youwant to find out more about the great differences between the dialects in this small country, or if you want to find out more about the linguistic raft of expressions in the mountainous regions of Graubünden, Upper Valais, Eastern Switzerland, the Jura Mountains in Basel, German-Freiburg or the Bernese Oberland, for example, the new book in its handy format and with 120 coloured language cards offers highly informative and often surprising discoveries.
It is no coincidence that dictionaries, language histories and publications on special languages and dialects are very popular in our time: the great interest in languages, in the spoken and written word documents the emotional attachment of people to the idiom of their origin. In a society that has never been as mobile as it is today, the linguistic landscape suddenly gains tremendous emotional significance as a form of identity-finding.
Whereas language atlases have hitherto been accessible to only a few specialists, the Kleiner Sprachatlas der deutschen Schweiz will provide language enthusiasts and cultural historians, dialect lovers and actual language and culture tourists with a highly informative and easy-to-read guide to the German-speaking dialects of Switzerland.

Small linguistic atlas of German-speaking Switzerland (Matthias Friedli, German)
40.75 CHF

Small linguistic atlas of German-speaking Switzerland

Matthias Friedli, German

8. Handlettering exercise book

Get to your pens and start climbing. The exercise booklet to the book offers plenty of space for your own creations of letters and words. - Compact overview of thebasics - instructions for different fonts - lots of space for practising and trying out. 

Handlettering exercise book (Katja Haas, German)
9.10 CHF

Handlettering exercise book

Katja Haas, German

9. Power - The 48 Laws of Power

With over 200,000 copies sold, "Power - The 48 Laws of Power" by Robert Greene dominated the bestseller lists for months. Now the classic is available in a compactedition: concise, entertaining. Anyone who wants to have power must not dwell too long on moral scruples. Anyone who believes that the mechanisms of power need not interest him can be its victim tomorrow. Those who claim that power can also be attained by gentle means misjudge reality. This book is the Machiavelli of the 21st century, but also a historical and literary treasure trove full of surprises. 

Power - The 48 Laws of Power (Robert Greene, German)
22.50 CHF

Power - The 48 Laws of Power

Robert Greene, German

10. Kapla Book 3 green

The 3rd volume of a series of 4 Kapla books. Enables the creativity of children who will be proud to accomplish amazing buildings. Simple examples to familiarizeyourself with the construction world. A high-quality edition with wonderful photographs and handmade technical drawings.