Best Rapid products in the Staplers category

On this page you'll find a ranking of the best Rapid products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've already ranked the most important information about the products for you.

1. Rapid Staple remover

Chrome-plated steel jaws. With plastic handle. For opening staples. Suitable for all types of staples.

Rapid Staple remover
Quantity discount
2.45 CHF per piece for 4 units

Rapid Staple remover

2. Rapid Economy long arm stapler E15

The Rapid E15 allows you to create your own brochures. The long sleeve stapler helps you to staple in the middle of different paper formats. The E15 is an easy-to-use all-metal stapler with a plastic cover. Open stapling is also possible. Insertion depth 320 mm. For staples 24/6 or 26/6. 

Rapid Economy long arm stapler E15 (20 Sheets)
22.40 CHF

Rapid Economy long arm stapler E15

20 Sheets

3. Rapid Hand tacker PRO R34

For material: film, fabric, cardboard, paper, textile, wood, plastic.

Rapid Hand tacker PRO R34 (84 Sheets)
59.– CHF

Rapid Hand tacker PRO R34

84 Sheets

4. Rapid Staple gun

Functional and effective, all steel, for stapling thin material on wood where short staples are sufficient, for staples 4-8 mm.

5. Rapid Standard

Rapid's original staples are compatible with all major products on the market. However, Rapid staplers should only be used in conjunction with Rapid's original staples.

Rapid Standard (20 Sheets)
Quantity discount
2.35 CHF per piece for 4 units

Rapid Standard

20 Sheets

6. Rapid Plier K1

Rapid Plier K1, back loading mechanism, for open and closed stapling, with adjustable anvil. Capacity: 5 mm/50 sheets. Staples type: 26/6 and 26/8+. Insertion deep: 56 mm. 5 years guarantee when using Rapid Staples. Material: metal. Colour: chrome. 

Rapid Plier K1 (50 Sheets)
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21.40 CHF was 26.70 CHF

Rapid Plier K1

50 Sheets

7. Rapid 5025e

Patented staple cartridge system - ideal for all areas where a lot of stapling is done, e.g. hotel receptions and cash desks. For better protection, the stapler does not need to be touched, so hygienic stapling is possible through contactless use. The LED guide system shows exactly where stapling is taking place.flat stapling technology reduces paper stack height by 30%. 

Rapid 5025e (25 Sheets)
128.– CHF

Rapid 5025e

25 Sheets

8. Rapid Eyelet plier

Rapid Eyelet plier Combi 80/300, for durable and precious connecting of documents, for passports, leather or textile. Capacity: 12 sheets. Material: metal. 5 years guarantee. Colour: chrome. 

Rapid Eyelet plier (12 Sheets)
79.70 CHF

Rapid Eyelet plier

12 Sheets

9. Rapid Block stapler HD110

Powerful filing binder. Adjustable paper stop, closed stapling, spring mechanism. For staples 9/8 to 9/14 or 23/8 to 23/15.

Rapid Block stapler HD110 (110 Sheets)
71.40 CHF

Rapid Block stapler HD110

110 Sheets

10. Rapid Electric Stapler Fixativ 20EX

Rapid Electric Stapler Fixativ 20EX, with spring-load mechanism, for closed stapling, included adaptor, spring loading mechanism, efficient, very mobile and easy to move. Capacity: 2 mm/20 sheets. Staples type: 24/6 and 26/6. Insertion deep: 10 mm. 2 years guarantee when using Rapid Staples, CE-sign. Material: Plastic/Metal. Colour: black. 

Rapid Electric Stapler Fixativ 20EX (20 Sheets)
45.– CHF

Rapid Electric Stapler Fixativ 20EX

20 Sheets