Best Victorinox products in the Scissors category

On this page you'll find a ranking of the best Victorinox products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've already ranked the most important information about the products for you.

1. Victorinox Universal shears

This universal scissors has stainless steel blades and guarantees reliable results at all times. The robust plastic handle fits comfortably in the hand and makes your work safer. 

Victorinox Universal shears (23 cm)
20.– CHF

Victorinox Universal shears

23 cm

2. Victorinox Handicraft scissors

For all applications. Professional quality made of stainless steel for a long service life.

Victorinox Handicraft scissors (16 cm)
Quantity discount
11.40 CHF per piece for 2 units

Victorinox Handicraft scissors

16 cm

3. Victorinox Household scissors

The household and all-purpose scissors are characterised by high-quality workmanship with stainless Inox stainless steel. The robust black plastic handle provides good grip when cutting paper, cardboard, product packaging and much more. 

Victorinox Household scissors (16 cm)
19.– CHF

Victorinox Household scissors

16 cm

4. Victorinox 8.0908.21

A pair of scissors must be reliable, precise, sharp, practical and durable. This is why Victorinox has combined all these features in its household and professional scissors, which are ideal for the office and at home. With blades made of exceptionally hard stainless steel and plastic handles, these ergonomic scissors are practical, simple all-rounders. 

Victorinox 8.0908.21 (21 cm)
22.90 CHF

Victorinox 8.0908.21

21 cm

5. Victorinox Ciseaux 10 cm

These practical pocket scissors are ideal for crafting and everyday use. They have shorter blades with a straight cut and rounded tips so that they can be stored safely in your pocket. The stainless steel blades are complemented by hard-wearing plastic handles in a sleek black colour. Ideal for easy, precise cutting of a wide range of materials. 

Victorinox Ciseaux 10 cm (10 cm)
16.– CHF

Victorinox Ciseaux 10 cm

10 cm

6. Victorinox Paper scissors

Victorinox Paper scissors (23 cm)
22.– CHF

Victorinox Paper scissors

23 cm

7. Victorinox Household & craft scissors

For all applications. Professional quality made of stainless steel for a long service life.

Victorinox Household & craft scissors (19 cm)
20.70 CHF

Victorinox Household & craft scissors

19 cm

8. Victorinox Left-handed household scissors

Since the cutting tool that no household can do without, scissors must be a reliable player that is precise, practical and durable. For this reason, we have incorporated all these features into our household and professional scissors so that they are just as useful in work situations as they are in households. With simple blades made of exceptionally hard stainless steel, equipped with handles made of synthetic material, these simple, useful and ergonomic scissors are a true all-rounder. 

Victorinox Left-handed household scissors (21 cm)
24.90 CHF

Victorinox Left-handed household scissors

21 cm

9. Victorinox Embroidery scissors, gold-plated

Precise scissors are part of the basic equipment in every household. Our collection of scissors features extra-sharp blades and durable handles for everyday use or specialised professional tasks. With special ergonomic scissors for left-handers or children's scissors for small hands and young craftsmen, this collection fulfils a wide range of individual needs. 

Victorinox Embroidery scissors, gold-plated (9 cm)
17.– CHF

Victorinox Embroidery scissors, gold-plated

9 cm

10. Victorinox Couper les ciseaux

Ciseaux de coupe finement polis avec poignée en métal laqué noir.

Victorinox Couper les ciseaux (26 cm)
44.70 CHF

Victorinox Couper les ciseaux

26 cm