Best Fiskars products in the Scissors category

On this page you'll find a ranking of the best Fiskars products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've already ranked the most important information about the products for you.

1. Fiskars Classic

Sharp blades for a permanently high cutting performance. Adjustable screw for adjusting the blade tension. Handle for precision and comfort.

2. Fiskars Clip-Sharp

As a scissor accessory in the contemporary and discreet look of the Functional Form series, it quickly and easily provides first aid for blunt scissors. The blades of the scissors are inserted into the slots provided for this purpose and moved back and forth several times in cutting movements. Inside the sharpener there is a sharpening stone which sharpens the blades quickly and thoroughly. The handy body of easy-care plastic serves as a handle to stabilize the 75 g light scissor sharpener. Since no electricity is required, it can be used anywhere and at any time. By the way: Scissors remain sharp longer if they are resharpened regularly. The sharpener is as simple to operate as it is to maintain: it can be easily cleaned under running water or in the dishwasher. The Clip-SharpTM Scissor Sharpener reliably sharpenes all Fiskars scissors that are basically suitable for resharpening. You will find a large selection of scissors on our website. Not suitable for serrated, serrated and curved scissors. 

Fiskars Clip-Sharp (22.40 cm)

Fiskars Clip-Sharp

22.40 cm

3. Fiskars Easy Action Softgrip

Ideal for cutting in hard to reach places and making precise cuts through materials such as silk, oilcloth, thin leather, polyester, cotton, crepe or felt. RazorEdge scissors feature extremely sharp, high-quality. Stainless steel blades with precision ground cutting edges. This allows for smooth and clean cuts in one stroke all the way to the tips of the blades. Micro-Tip blades provide unsurpassed precision cutting, especially in hard-to-reach areas. Spring-loaded mechanism opens blades gently after each cut and prevents hand fatigue. Easy-open latch for safe storage and transport. For right- and left-handed use. 

Fiskars Easy Action Softgrip (16 cm)

Fiskars Easy Action Softgrip

16 cm

4. Fiskars Clip - Sharp scissors sharpener

Clip-Sharp scissors sharpenerFeatures: -Decent design -Manual, simple and quick operation -Corpus made of plastic -Weight: 75 g -For right-handed scissors -Not suitable for serrated, toothed, curved and left-handed scissors! 

Fiskars Clip - Sharp scissors sharpener

Fiskars Clip - Sharp scissors sharpener

5. Fiskars Animal scissors for children bee

The animal-shaped handles make cutting even more fun for smaller children. Funny themed illustrations of the scissors on the packaging.

Fiskars Animal scissors for children bee (13 cm)
Quantity discount
3.40per piece for 4 units

Fiskars Animal scissors for children bee

13 cm

6. Fiskars Ladybird

The animal-shaped handles make cutting even more fun for smaller children. Rounded blade tips and safety blades. Funny themed illustrations of the scissors on the packaging. For right- and left-handers. Attention: Not suitable for children under 3 years. Use under adult supervision 

Fiskars Ladybird (13 cm)
Quantity discount
3.15per piece for 4 units

Fiskars Ladybird

13 cm

7. Fiskars Paper scissors

Fiskars Classic scissors Paper scissors: Ideal companion for school, leisure and officeLightweight, compact and ideally suited to cutting paper, the paper scissors from the Classic Scissors series by Fiskars are convincing in everyday use. The 17 cm long and only 45 g heavy scissors have long, narrow blades made of stainless steel with a hardness of HRC 57, which cut papers particularly easily and precisely. Due to their length, they can also be used to cut larger pieces of paper without having to reattach them, which prevents unsightly edges and ensures a clean cut. Paper residues such as printer's ink and other impurities can be removed particularly easily with warm water or in the dishwasher - like all scissors in the Classic scissors series, the paper scissors are also dishwasher safe. For papers of any quality, the paper scissors from the Classic scissors collection by Fiskars are the ideal choice - for thicker and firmer cutting material, the universal scissors by Fiskars are recommended, which you can discover on our website. Here you will find a large selection of scissors that make your everyday life at home and at work easier in a simple way.

Product features:



Stainless steel

Hardness: HRC 57


Fiskars Paper scissors (17 cm)

Fiskars Paper scissors

17 cm

8. Fiskars multi-purpose scissors

Multi-purpose scissors for versatile use in the garden Recesses for cutting wire and string Power notch for cutting thin cords and bottle openers. Separable blades: The upper blade made of titanium can be used as a knife, the sharpened blade tip is suitable for drilling holes in cardboard or leather, for example. With protective cover incl. scissors sharpener. Recess for cutting adhesive tape. 

Fiskars multi-purpose scissors (23 cm)

Fiskars multi-purpose scissors

23 cm

9. Fiskars children's scissors

The Fiskars children's scissors is suitable for children aged 4 and over and has rounded blades. Motive: Bee.

Fiskars children's scissors (13 cm)

Fiskars children's scissors

13 cm

10. Fiskars Universal shears Bypass Classic

For particularly long and clean cuts. Suitable for cutting back houseplants, herbs and fibrous plant parts. Long lasting cutting performance due to optimum hardness of the steel. Blades are adjustable. 

Fiskars Universal shears Bypass Classic (24 cm)

Fiskars Universal shears Bypass Classic

24 cm