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1. Simple. The Cookbook

Always simple - always different: The new Ottolenghi. Maximum taste with minimum effort is the motto in Yotam Ottolenghis new book. Whether lamb feta balls or harissa tofu, all creations are as usual oriental and refined and at the same time quick and easy to prepare. - 140 creative and aromatic recipes - less than 30 minutes, only 10 ingredients or well prepared: The recipes are all simple in different ways - Innovative, clear layout combined with exclusive equipment. 

Simple. The Cookbook (Yotam Ottolenghi, German)
35.– CHF

Simple. The Cookbook

Yotam Ottolenghi, German

2. ONE

Cooking made easy: Over 120 easy and delicious One Pot recipes by Jamie Oliver!

In ONE, Jamie Oliver presents more than 120 recipes for delicious, uncomplicated
One Pot dishes that are guaranteed to fill you up and make you happy. Best of all, each recipe consists of just eight or fewer ingredients - meaning minimal preparation, hardly any washing up and maximum relaxation.
ONE is packed with dishes that are not only easy on the wallet, but also suitable for any occasion: from delicious home office lunches to quick dinners for the whole family; from meat-free alternatives to recipes to help novice cooks get started.
Simple dishes like juicy tahini chicken, Hasselback aubergine pie and crusty croissant bread will soon become your new favourites, making ONE your most loyal kitchen companion alongside Jamie's 5-Ingredient Kitchen and Jamie's 15-Minute Kitchen!

ONE (Helmut Ertl, Jamie Oliver, German)
33.90 CHF


Helmut Ertl, Jamie Oliver, German

3. Jamie's 5 ingredients kitchen

Cooking doesn't have to be complicated - and that's why "Jamie's 5 ingredients kitchen" is guaranteed to be your new best friend in the kitchen soon. This book proves that you can make good food super easy. You only need five main ingredients for each recipe. This way the preparation is quick and either the meal is ready and on the table or the oven does the rest. We are talking about class instead of mass and a little attention on the kitchen front. The reward: a mega taste experience. Every recipe has been tried and tested (and tested again.) - after all, we had to make sure that all the dishes in this book are uncomplicated, inexpensive and quick to make every day of the week. You can choose from more than 130 inspiring recipes - for chicken, beef, pork and lamb, fish, eggs, vegetables, salads. 

Jamie's 5 ingredients kitchen (Jamie Oliver, German)
30.90 CHF

Jamie's 5 ingredients kitchen

Jamie Oliver, German

4. Flavour

Experience vegetables in all their variety of taste with Ottolenghi. Innovative, tasty vegetable-based recipes are the heart of Yotam Ottolenghi's cuisine. In this stunning new cookbook, Yotam Ottolenghi and co-author Ixta Belfrage distil from their knowledge three factors that shape taste and present sophisticated vegetable dishes with innovative combinations of ingredients that inspire and delight. 

Flavour (Ixta Belfrage, Yotam Ottolenghi, German)
34.70 CHF


Ixta Belfrage, Yotam Ottolenghi, German

5. Delightful vegetarian

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A culinary highlight not only for vegetarians Yotam Ottolenghis fresh and modern vegetarian cuisine captivates with exciting combinations that provide
extraordinary taste experiences. In "Delicious vegetarian" the new shooting star from England presents 125 innovative recipes from the oriental-Mediterranean cuisine. From caramelized fennel with goat yoghurt, bean burgers, lemon-egg risotto or green couscous to figs with basil, goat cheese and pomegranate syrup - all dishes are 100% vegetarian, easy to cook and extremely tasty! Practical, beautiful and elegant The book's practical structure according to main ingredients, from various vegetables, salads, herbs, pulses and cereals to pasta and fruits, makes it easy to choose and helps to find the right dish for every taste. The special character of the recipes is additionally underlined by the minimalist layout and the atmospheric food photography. A beautiful and elegant cookbook that should not be missing in any kitchen! Excellent! Ottolenghis work was awarded the "Tesco Cook Book of the Year" award at the prestigious Galaxy Book Awards 2010 for its extraordinary and creative recipes and taste combinations. 

Delightful vegetarian (Yotam Ottolenghi, German)
31.70 CHF

Delightful vegetarian

Yotam Ottolenghi, German

6. Kamasutra for every day

From "peacock tail" to "tiger claw": try a new position every day and treat yourself to a year of really good sex. Whether you're looking for slow, sensual sex or a quick orgasm, there's a sex position for every moment, place and mood in this attractively illustrated book - stylish, entertaining and a little naughty. The ancient sex manual of the Kama Sutra in a new look for a fulfilling love life. 

Kamasutra for every day (Anke Wellner-Kempf, German)
18.70 CHF

Kamasutra for every day

Anke Wellner-Kempf, German

7. Veggies

Hot expected: Vegetable Recipes by Jamie Oliver. The Jamie book everyone has been waiting for. In his latest cookbook, Jamie Oliver devotes himself entirely to the diverse flavours of different vegetables and gives them the stage they deserve. The 116 recipes in typical Jamie Oliver style are quick & easy, refined and incredibly delicious. Whether it's pies, curries, pasta, rice, salads or burgers: inspired by the world, you'll find dishes for every day, for every occasion and for everyone - from after-work food to party snacks. The brand new Jamie Oliver cookbook: "It's simply about super delicious food that happens to be meat-free," says Jamie Oliver about his new cookbook. Vegetables have always played a major role in Jamie's conscious nutritional philosophy - now they're even getting the main role. In his new cookbook, the imaginative chef devotes himself to vegetarian cuisine - with a variety of aromatic recipes. Whether you're vegetarian, flexitarians or simply want to recook some of Jamie Oliver's ingenious new recipes - this cookbook from Jamie Oliver provides the right recipes. Simple and quick veggie recipes - typical Jamie. Healthy and balanced for a complete diet - these veggie recipes are waiting for you to recook them: Salads like Thai style noodle salad. - Tin dishes like stuffed masala peppers. - Curries and stews like biriyani with topping. - Pies and casseroles like dumplings with crispy bottom. - Pasta like spaghetti with porcini mushroom balls. - Rice and noodles like tomato risotto. - Friday night snacks like Baba Ganoush. - Brunch recipes like zucchini feta scones or spinach pancakes. The Jamie Oliver cookbook for all vegetarians, flexitarians and anyone who simply wants to cook brilliantly. 

8. Stroke by stroke for creative relaxation with Slow Drawing

Draw mindfully & relieve stress
A soothing break from everyday life: with Slow Drawing, the mindful practice of slow drawing, deceleration takes on new forms stroke
by stroke. This drawing book with 25 projects helps beginners and advanced artists to slow down. Nature-inspired patterns, repetitive lines and shapes, and simple methods help you throw perfectionism overboard and lose yourself in the activity of drawing.

Stress relief, creativity and mindfulness all in one . Mindful drawing and relaxation: 25 projects for meditative time-outs in everyday life. Stroke by stroke: simple step-by-step instructions to help you get started, whether you're a beginner or advanced. Inspired by nature: repetitive patterns and lines focus on breathing and relaxation.
. Bye-bye perfectionism: an active, creative mindfulness practice that emphasises the beauty of imperfection.

Deceleration in drawing: Patterns, materials & tips
Slow drawing is the optimal relaxation method for anyone who loves doodling and wants to find creative peace. With this drawing book, art therapist Amy Maricle offers a playful approach without any pressure and shows in simple step-by-step instructions how to create wonderful natural patterns from simple lines without much effort. She also explains in detail which materials are needed and how Slow Drawing can always be integrated into everyday life.

Slow Drawing and really switch off: With 25 projects, calming nature patterns and valuable tips for creative stress relief.

Stroke by stroke for creative relaxation with Slow Drawing (Amy Maricle, German)
19.90 CHF

Stroke by stroke for creative relaxation with Slow Drawing

Amy Maricle, German

9. Jerusalem

A culinary and cultural journey of discovery. Both were born in Jerusalem, but did not meet until 30 years later in London. There, the Israeli Yotam Ottolenghi and the Palestinian Sami Tamimi today jointly run four coffee shops and a restaurant. Given the cultural differences of their past lives, the success of their cooperation is all the more impressive. The two chefs are now among the shooting stars of the London gastronomy scene. 

Jerusalem (Sami Tamimi, Yotam Ottolenghi, German)
35.90 CHF


Sami Tamimi, Yotam Ottolenghi, German

10. Healing Kitchen - Quick & Easy

Healing Kitchen for every day! Now it's even easier to integrate an anti-inflammatory diet into your everyday life: After Shabnam Rebo (known on Instagram as "The Hungry Warrior") already impressively proved in her first book "Healing Kitchen" how enjoyable the anti-inflammatory diet can be, in her second cookbook she proves once again how easy anti-inflammatory eating can be with over 80 quick recipes!Vegan recipes from the soothing Healing Kitchen:- Over 80 dishes based on plant-based and anti-inflammatory foods and nutrients- Most of the delicious anti-inflammatory recipes from the vegan kitchen can be prepared in under 30 minutes. Uncomplicated indulgent recipes for every occasion, whether breakfast, snacks, quick dinners, express meals or desserts. With meal-prep ideas, tips for the pantry and time-saving use of leftoversAnti-inflammatory nutrition made easyBroccoli and Chickpea Keasar Salad with crunchy chickpeas, Aubergine Balls à la Caponata or Creamy One-Pot Mushroom Orzo: The creative anti-inflammatory recipes are easy to integrate into everyday life, whether for a delicious breakfast, a super-quick after-work meal or a lavish treat with friends and family. Shabnam Rebo supports you with help and tips on anti-inflammatory nutrition, which she used to successfully manage her own autoimmune disease.100% enjoyment with the healthy, vegan & anti-inflammatory recipes from the Healing Kitchen - quick and easy! 

Healing Kitchen - Quick & Easy (Shabnam Rebo, German)
31.70 CHF

Healing Kitchen - Quick & Easy

Shabnam Rebo, German