Room dividers

Within our extensive online catalog, customers seeking to enhance their living or working environments can find a versatile selection of room dividers to meet their design and functional needs. Room dividers, as a quintessential element for space management, provide the ability to segment large areas, create privacy zones or simply add an aesthetic touch to a room's decor.

Our top-selling room dividers come from reputed brands that have refined the art of creating quality separation solutions. TecTake leads with its practical Folding door, perfect for those seeking a lightweight, flexible option to partition their space temporarily. Mendler is praised for its Akustik-Trennwand, a dual-paneled, movable Büro-Sichtschutz Raumteiler with an integrated Pinnwand, ideal for offices requiring soundproofing and privacy without sacrificing mobility.

For those in search of a combined functionality of presentation and partitioning, Magnetoplan's MAGNETOP. Presentation wall felt offers a sturdy, fabric-covered divider that serves well in educational and professional settings. It's a functional choice that also assists in noise reduction and comes in an appealing blue color.

MC's MyWand table divider answers the call for more personal space on shared tables, providing a protective barrier, while keeping the interaction possibilities open. And, for environments where acoustics is a priority, ofinto's Acoustic partition wall is a standout product that efficiently absorbs sound, facilitating better focus and concentration in bustling areas.

No matter the setting — whether commercial, office, or home — our room dividers not only fulfill the need for separation but also contribute to creating more structured and harmonious spaces. With a range of styles, materials, and functions, each product is crafted to complement your space requirements with a touch of elegance. Explore our lineup of top brands like TecTake, Mendler, Magnetoplan, MC, and ofinto to find the perfect room divider tailored to your aesthetic preferences and functional needs.