Crayons are writing utensils used to apply colours to different materials. There are many different types of crayons, each offering different techniques and colour application options. Filter through our range and find the right crayon for your artwork.

Coloured pencils, or crayons, are probably the most commonly used crayons. They consist of a coloured wax lead inserted into a wooden barrel. Coloured pencils can be used on paper or canvas and offer a wide range of colour options. They can be very precise and are good for detailed illustrations or shading.

Felt tip pens have a felt or fibre tip that is filled with ink. They are available in a wide range of colours and are good for quick sketches or vivid areas of colour. Felt tip pens can be used on paper, card or other materials and often produce a rich and vibrant colour.

Watercolour pencils are special pens that look like crayons but contain water-soluble colours. They can be used on paper or canvas and create a watercolour effect when mixed with water. Watercolour pencils can also be used like crayons to create detailed lines and shading before mixing with water.

Wax crayons are made of a mixture of wax and colour pigments and have a firm consistency. They are available in many different colours and can be used on paper, card, canvas and other materials. Wax crayons are easy to use and leave vibrant and vivid colours. They can also be mixed well to create a wider range of colours.

Chalk is made of pressed powder and has a soft, crumbly texture. There are different types of chalk, including school or blackboard chalk, oil chalk and pastel chalk. Chalk can be used in different colours on different surfaces such as blackboards, paper, stone and pavements.

Our crayons are a great way to encourage creativity and have fun while painting and drawing.