Fax machines

A fax (short form of facsimile) or also called telecopy is the transmission of one or more documents in the form of an image rasterized in lines and pixels via the telephone network or by radio (e.g. weather fax). 

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KMP - F-P1 kompatibel mit Philips PFA 301

Canon - i-SENSYS FAX-L150 (Laser/LED)

Brother - FAX-2840 (Laser/LED)

Brother - FAX-2940 (Laser/LED)

Brother - FAX-2845 (Laser/LED)

Brother - FAX-8360P (Laser/LED)

KMP - F-P5 kompatibel mit Philips PFA 351

KMP - F-P4 kompatibel mit Philips PFA 331

KMP - F-SH4 kompatibel mit Sharp UX-6CR

Sharp - UX 92 CR 2er Pack Thermotransferrolle

KMP - F-P2 kompatibel mit Philips PFA 322

KMP - F-B5 kompatibel mit Brother PC-71RF

HP - SF-760P (Laser/LED)

KMP - F-B2 kompatibel mit Brother PC 201RF

KMP - F-B1 kompatibel mit Brother PC 301RF