Fiskars Clip-Sharp

22.40 cm

As a scissor accessory in the contemporary and discreet look of the Functional Form series, it quickly and easily provides first aid for blunt scissors. The blades of the scissors are inserted into the slots provided for this purpose and moved back and forth several times in cutting movements. Inside the sharpener there is a sharpening stone which sharpens the blades quickly and thoroughly. The handy body of easy-care plastic serves as a handle to stabilize the 75 g light scissor sharpener. Since no electricity is required, it can be used anywhere and at any time. By the way: Scissors remain sharp longer if they are resharpened regularly. The sharpener is as simple to operate as it is to maintain: it can be easily cleaned under running water or in the dishwasher. The Clip-SharpTM Scissor Sharpener reliably sharpenes all Fiskars scissors that are basically suitable for resharpening. You will find a large selection of scissors on our website. Not suitable for serrated, serrated and curved scissors.

Key specifications

scissor type
Utility scissors
Plastic, Stainless steel
Area of use
Right-handed people
22.40 cm
Item number