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Children's literature or juvenile literature includes stories, books, and poems that are enjoyed by children. Modern children's literature is classified in two different ways: genre or the intended age of the reader.

One can trace children's literature back to stories and songs, part of a wider oral tradition, that adults shared with children before publishing existed. The development of early children's literature, before printing was invented, is difficult to trace. Even after printing became widespread, many classic "children's" tales were originally created for adults and later adapted for a younger audience. Since the 1400s, a large quantity of literature, often with a moral or religious message, has been aimed specifically at children. The late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries became known as the "Golden Age of Children's Literature" as this period included the publication of many books acknowledged today as classics.

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Ravensburger - The excavator (Andrea Erne, Wolfgang Butcher)

- The lion in you (Rachel Bright)

- Listen, who could that be? - Zoo animals

- Writing Journal Diary

Ravensburger - The fire brigade (Katja Reider)

Ravensburger - Mein junior-Lexikon: Fahrzeuge (Peter Nieländer)

Ravensburger - My junior encyclopedia: Animals (Anne Moeller)

Ravensburger - We discover our body (Doris Rübel)

Ravensburger - The construction site (Kerstin M. Guilt)

Ravensburger - Sonne, Wind und Regen (Patricia Mennen, Constanze Schargan)

Ravensburger - The railway (Andrea Erne, Marion Kreimeyer-Visse)

- in the fairy tale kingdom (Christoph Schuler)

Ravensburger - Who's going where? (Susanne Gernhäuser, Wolfgang Butcher)

Ravensburger - What belongs where? (Irmgard Eberhard)

Ravensburger - The airport (Andrea Erne, Wolfgang Butcher)