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1. Baby Dan Two-level stool

Children are curious and want to be everywhere. But because of their size, especially small children cannot reach the sink in the bathroom or the worktop in the kitchen to help. But thanks to BabyDan's two-stage stool, children can now participate in all activities and learn independence and new skills. Whether in the bathroom or the kitchen, the BabyDan two-level stool is a robust, easy-care and safe companion through childhood. A handle on the side makes it easy to lift and move the two-level stool. The non-slip feet prevent it from slipping away and the child from falling down. The treads are also provided with a non-slip surface. The stool itself is made of easy-care and easily washable plastic and weighs well over 50 kilograms, although it only weighs around 750 grams. Compact dimensions of 26 centimetres in height with a base area of 30 by 35 centimetres make the two-stage stool from BabyDan a useful accessory for your little darling in any room, no matter how small. Features BabyDan two-stage stool: high-quality workmanship of robust plastic handle two-stage design with non-slip surface non-slip rubber nubs on the floor weight of only 750 grams Dimensions: approx. depth 35 cm, height 26 cm, width 30 cm. 

2. keeeper Step stool 2-step

With the Keeeper step stool 2-step, the child not only reaches the toilet by itself, but also the washbasin. The rubberised feet and the non-slip surface ensure a particularly secure hold. With a load capacity of up to 100kg, the sturdy stool can be used by parents without hesitation. Thanks to the various motifs, your sweet sparrow is sure to find a favourite. The stools are very light and can be placed anywhere at any time. Features keeeper step stool 2-step: Practical heightening for the little darlings Available with different subjects Integrated rubber feet Carries up to 100 kilograms Practical and easy to use in various areas Mass: about 40x37cm Height first step about 10cm Height second step about 21cm. 

keeeper Step stool 2-step
Step stools
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keeeper Step stool 2-step

3. Kindsgut Footstool

Stool type: Two-tier, Colour: Light grey.

4. keeeper Step stool 2-tier Farm

Two-step Funny Farm step stool for children aged approx. 3 to approx. 14 years, For safe climbing up and sitting - Ideal for reaching the washbasin or toilet - Childproof: No tipping and slipping thanks to anti-slip system with rubberised feet, Stable and safe standing on the steps thanks to rubber studs - Funny Farm decor firmly integrated in the material, Matches other keeeper products in the Funny Farm series, Easy to clean: Wipe with damp cloth or sponge. 

5. BabyBjörn Footstool

With the BabyBjörn Stool, your child can get to the toilet or sink all by himself. The non-slip rubber surface provides a secure grip for your little angel. Even if the little feet get wet in the bathroom, there is no risk of slipping. Additional safety is offered to you thanks to the rubber edge, which prevents slipping from the stool. 

6. Rotho Basic

The step stool Basic can change that. With its help you can reach even the topmost compartments of your boxes and cabinets easily and safely.

Rotho Basic
Step stools
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Rotho Basic

7. keeeper Step stool

A double auxiliary step helps your baby reach the sink or washbasin as easily as adults. Ensures safety with non-slip rubber surfaces on four corners Loadable up to 120 kg. Can also be used by adults. 

8. Rotho Babydesign TOP stool

Ideal for independent hand washing, helping in the kitchen or in combination with the Top - WC - seat for toilet training. The safety and comfort of your baby is our top priority. Stylish children's stool from the Top Bathroom Collection by Rotho Babydesign. Stylish lines with effective high-gloss polished and structured surfaces. Tested for chemical harmlessness by an independent, recognised testing institute. 

9. Dreambaby Todler and Me

Material: Thermoplastic, Polypropylene (PP), Stool type: Two-tier, Detail colour: Grey.

10. keeeper Igor Stars

With the Keeeper step stool 2 steps, the child not only reaches the toilet independently, but also the sink. The rubberized feet and the non-slip surface ensure a particularly secure hold. With its load-bearing capacity, the sturdy stool can also be used by parents without hesitation. Thanks to the various subjects your sweet sparrow will certainly find a favorite. The stools are very light and can be placed in a different location at any time.