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Here's a ranking of the best products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've also added some key information about the products.

1. Braun BNA 100

The Braun nasal aspirator gently extracts all unpleasant secretions from the nose. The comfortable adjustment of the Braun nasal aspirator allows you to achieve an optimal inclination so that your darling can enjoy the situation without dissatisfaction. The additional setting includes the two speeds which make suctioning even more comfortable for your child. The Braun nasal aspirator removes blockages quickly and without tedious noises. After use, the attachments are easy to clean in the dishwasher. After Braun's nasal cleansing your little sparrow will certainly feel puddle-well again. Features of the Braun nasal aspirator 35 degree movable tip Two different sizes of attachments Easy and practical to clean in the dishwasher Two different speeds Handy operation and battery operated Simple design with compact size 5.6x 15.5x 6.5. 

2. Frida Baby Nosefrida

A stuffy nose is a pain for your baby. The mucus clogs the nose and thus impairs breathing, drinking and sleeping. This leads to sleepless nights. Unfortunately, they learn to blow their nose much later, which is why cleaning the nose can become a problem. This is where the NoseFrida snuffle set provides a gentle and hygienic remedy, without damaging the mucous membranes or drying them out. The isotonic sea salt nasal spray moistens the nasal mucosa and loosens stuck mucus, which is quickly and easily sucked out with the nasal secretion aspirator.

So your sunshine can breathe, eat and sleep relaxed again. And you too, of course. The NoseFrida nasal secretion aspirator was co-developed by doctors at the Ear, Nose and Throat Clinic at Malmö University Hospital in Sweden. It meets all hygienic and clinical requirements and is recommended by pediatricians. The hygienic filter is replaced after each use. After each use, the nasal aspirator should be cleaned in soapy water and the hygiene filter replaced. These are available for repurchase in a refill pack.

3. Nosiboo Pro

A child-friendly nasal aspirator: the perfect prevention of medicinal treatments. The Nosiboo is an electrical medical device from the premium category. With its help, the accumulated nasal secretion can be removed from the child's nose extremely quickly, effectively and comfortably. The child-friendly Nosiboo was designed on the basis of parental experience and accommodates an extremely powerful device. The Nosiboo is classified as a medical device and operates with the highest clinically approved suction power. It can be optimally adjusted from infancy to childhood. Once connected to the mains, the appliance can be switched on at the touch of a button, so that it starts sucking at the preset power. Only the so-called colibri head comes into contact with the child's nose. The nasal secretion that has been sucked off is completely collected by it. The Colibri head can then be easily separated from the flexible hose for convenient cleaning. Thanks to the patented elastic Colibri head, Nosiboo does not cause nasal mucous membrane irritation. With Nosiboo, baby noses can be kept clean quickly and extremely effectively. 

4. Beurer Nasal aspirator NA20

Beurer electric nasal aspirator NA 20 White.

5. Nosiboo Go

Nosiboo Go revolutionizes baby's nasal hygiene because it is easy to take with you, rechargeable and extremely powerful. In addition, it works with the well-known Nosiboo suction system, which completely catches the nasal secretion and prevents it from entering the device. Suitable for repeated daily use. Simple and hygienic to use and clean. Easy to take with you, portable. Rechargeable. With flexible and BPA-free nose piece. The electric Nosiboo Pro nasal aspirator is a medical device and was developed under strictest conditions together with doctors and midwives. The materials used and the production are subject to strict quality controls. 

6. Beaba Minidoo Mineral

Since the thickness can be determined manually, the design is pleasant and efficient for the little ones. The Minidoo nasal aspirator can be dismantled and sterilized. Two nasal aspirator attachments are included in the scope of delivery. One is ideal from birth to 3 months and the other from three months. Now the baby feels safe again and can perceive all smells.

7. Neno Sinus Nasal Aspirator

8. Beaba Tomydoo Mineral

The little sweet family members are often not yet able to clean the nose themselves. But to eliminate the unpleasant feeling of a full nose, there is the fantastic electric nasal aspirator from Beaba. The nasal aspirator removes all residues from the nose carefully and without injury using one of the three different attachments. One essay is suitable from birth to 3 months and the other two from 3 months. The Beaba attachments can be used again and again because they can be practically sterilized. Thanks to the included storage bag and batteries, the electric nasal aspirator is also ideal for on the go. 

9. Nuby Nose and ear cleaner

This Nûby tool is simple and safe: squeeze the rubber body, carefully guide the tip to the nostril and let it go slowly. The nasal secretion is simply absorbed. The enclosed accessory is used to remove earwax from the outer ear canal. Thoroughly clean and rinse after each application.

Nuby Nose and ear cleaner
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Nuby Nose and ear cleaner


10. Actiopharma Nose Wiper

A blocked nose hinders infants considerably and, in this case, one should remove the mucus regularly. The Actipharm nasal cleaner allows the child to breathe easily and regain his well-being. With the Actipharm nose wiper, a gentle aspiration can be performed at the entrance of the nostril. Thanks to the disposable attachment, the Actipharm nose cleaner is very practical. The mucus remains in a sponge. After use, you can throw away and replace the nasal attachment or wash it and replace the sponge with cotton wool.