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Here's a ranking of the best products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've also added some key information about the products.

1. idiS Elephant & Giraffe

Music box to wind up with two cute figures that dance. The music box impresses with good workmanship, and plays a soothing music.

2. idiS Music Box Raccoon & Deer

Wind-up music box with two cute figures dancing.

3. Liini Sleep aid white

As parents, we still remember exactly how our baby could only be soothed or put to sleep in front of the running hairdryer, the extractor fan in the kitchen or other noises such as rain, heartbeat or beautiful lullabies on the smartphone. That has now come to an end! Sleep aid by LIINI® calms your baby and promotes relaxed sleep - whether at home or on the go.

Sleep aid by LIINI® is the perfect sleep aid for your baby that makes your everyday life as a parent easier. Based on our own experience as parents, we have selected 10 different sounds and songs to help your baby fall asleep and create a trusting environment. Thanks to the built-in rechargeable battery and small size, the sleep aid can be taken anywhere, from at home in bed to outdoor excursions or in a hotel room on holiday.

The silicone holder makes it very easy to attach to the pram, cot or cradle. A pleasant LED light is also built in if your baby doesn't fall asleep well in the dark. With the timer function, the music can be switched off automatically after 60 or 120 minutes, but can also be played continuously. With a choice of 5 different lullabies and 5 lullabies, such as "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star", Einschlafhilfe by LIINI® offers many possibilities for a relaxed environment to fall asleep, no matter where and no matter when.

The largest mail order company in Switzerland, Digitec Galaxus AG, has tested Einschlafhilfe by LIINI: Read product test

You have a choice of 5 licensed sleep sounds:

Hair dryer
Womb with heartbeat
Summer evening with the sound of crickets
Rippling water with birdsong
You also have a choice of 5 licensed lullabies:

Sweet dreams
Grandma's music box
LIINI's Symphony
Starry sky
LIINI® Classic
Your advantages as mum or dad

You don't need any additional appliances such as a hairdryer or steam extractor
Absolutely safe and CE-certified - no risk of burns or other hazards for your baby
Very low electricity costs
Your child falls asleep gently because it remembers the sounds in the womb
Relaxed environment for falling asleep, no matter where and no matter when
Can be used anywhere: at home, on holiday, visiting friends or on your next stroll through town
Product data

Built-in rechargeable battery with 1200mAh
Built-in ambient light (LED)
Power: 3.5W
Charging via USB-C connection
Colour: beige / grey
CE certified
The battery life is as follows:

Playing music & sounds without night light: Approx. 30 hours
Using the night light without playing music & sounds: Approx. 100 hours
Playing music & sounds with night light: Approx. 20 hours
Scope of delivery

Sleep aid in white
USB C charging cable (compatible with all smartphone adapters)

4. Spielba Bear

Wind-up music box with cute figures. The music box impresses with its good workmanship, is made of wood and plays a soothing melody (Killing Me Softly With His Song).

5. Craze Jewellery Box Music Box Unicorn

Beautiful jewellery box with music box by Craze. When opened, the music box plays a melody and a figure turns to the music. The music box works without batteries and has to be wound on the back of the jewellery box. 

6. Djeco Jewellery box

The cute wooden box from Djeco is not only beautiful, but also very calming for your little angel. The rotating figure lends the casket a nostalgic touch. Also the small important things of your angel find place in the music box, thanks to the small drawer and the divided place in the music box.


* Mirror
* Velvet box
* Rotating figure
* With melody
* A drawer of masses:


7. ZaZu Suzy

Sshhh....Shhh- Medically proven technique to help baby stop crying. Sounds baby knows from the womb. 6 Soothing Melodies. Play soothing melodies while falling asleep: shushing, heartbeat sound, white noise, ocean noise, lounge music or lullabies. Auto shut off. Sound turns off automatically after about 20 minutes. Sound Sensor. The sound is automatically activated when your baby starts to cry. Choose your own volume. Set the volume to your preferred level. Takeaway. Can be attached to the crib, car seat or stroller. 

8. Trousselier Sophie the Giraffe

This wooden music box with the melody Feelings by A. Morris makes children's hearts beat faster. In wild dance the giraffe figures turn in a circle. The melody of this Trousselier music box is very beautiful and individually tuned to the motives. The two figures are removable. Thanks to the good quality, this music box can withstand a lot. The cleanly processed wooden box is painted with bright colors. A mechanical winding mechanism is located on the bottom of the music box. 

9. Trousselier Dancing frogs

Music box Dancing frogs, rotation by magnet.

10. Trousselier Music Box Horses

For storing your treasures Even from the outside, this box from trousselier is lovingly designed. When you open the jewellery box, a white horse with a grey tail turns to the melody. There is a mirror inside the lid. The jewellery compartment is big enough to hold small treasures.
Dimensions when closed: approx. 18 x 11 x 10 cm (LxWxH).