Best products in the Cuddly blankets category

Here's a ranking of the best products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've also added some key information about the products.

1. Doudou et Compagnie Candy

The fluffy candy bunny in white with details in taupe becomes an inseparable companion for the newborn as a cuddle cloth.Packed in matching gift box.

2. Micasa Leya

3. Doudou et Compagnie Ours

The bear is loose. Cuddling and snuggling à discrétion are on the agenda. With Ours, your child has the perfect combination of soft toy and cuddly toy.

4. Teddykompaniet Dinglisar

Diinglisar game pieces from Teddykompanied are very popular because they are cute and cuddly. Now the Dinglisar toys are also available as a particularly soft cuddle cloth. Your baby will love the cuddle cloth with the head of the tiger, the cat, the little mouse and further 5 animal motives immediately and will close into its heart. 

5. Doudou et Compagnie Rabbit

Your baby will immediately take this fluffy soft toy to his heart. LAPIN is not only available as a soft toy, but also as baby shoes and a pyjama bag.

6. Doudou et Compagnie Koala

The koala made of various soft materials and with cuddle cloth and pacifier chain accompanies the newborn from day one. Packaged in matching gift box.

7. Teddykompaniet Hare

This Muslin cuddle cloth is perfect for baby's first months.

8. Doudou et Compagnie Ursa Minor

With a sleeping cap and lovely details, the little bear as a cuddle cloth accompanies the newborn from the first day.

9. Doudou et Compagnie Unicef Löwe

The little cuddle cloth dummy holder lion holds a soft cotton swaddling cloth between its legs, which is very practical for attaching the dummy to it and always having it within reach. It is packaged in a gift box with a clever plant motif that is so beautifully illustrated that it will be kept and upcycled. 

10. Tikiri Cuddle cloth elephant

The soft cuddle cloth is made of 100% organic cotton cringle muslin and 100% organic cotton single jersey fabric. The fiber filling made from recycled PET bottles. It provides an ideal teething aid and helps with sensory development.