Top-rated products in the Crib mobiles category

Here's a ranking of the top rated products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've also added some key information about the products.

1. Jabadabado Mobilearm Nature

Beautiful wooden mobile arm, decorated with star-shaped details. Attach the mobile arm to the crib or changing unit. Any mobile can be attached to this mobile arm.

2. Fisher-Price 3-in-1 dream bear mobile

The Butterfly Dreams 3-in-1 Projection Mobile from Fisher-Price helps soothe and comfort your baby from newborn to toddler. Newborns can gaze up at the motorizedcrib mobile with starry light show projection and three soothing musical settings. As your baby gets older, remove the mobile and convert the music and light unit to a tabletop projection soother to help maintain that hard-won bedtime routine. You can even link the mobile to your stroller canopy for entertaining on the go. 

Fisher-Price 3-in-1 dream bear mobile
Crib mobiles
36.20 CHF

Fisher-Price 3-in-1 dream bear mobile

3. Fehn Forest

The little foxes and hedgehogs provide fun during the day and are faithful helpers to fall asleep in the evening. The soft colours and interesting structures catchthe baby's attention and awaken its imagination. The popular melody of the mechanical music box makes the figures dance and encourages the baby to listen: In quiet minutes it can be turned off thanks to the on/off switch. The mobile is easily attached to the baby cot and is therefore a cute eye-catcher in the children's room! Possible melodies are: Brahms' Lullaby, Mozart's Lullaby, Schubert's Lullaby, Sleep, Little child, Sleep, Good moon, Do you know how many little stars are there, Swan Lake, Dodo l'enfant, The moon has risen. 

4. Micasa Luke

Micasa Lukas

5. Tiny Love Soothe'n Groove Mobile

Develops from a mobile at the edge of the bed to a portable music box. Baby first mobile with many different melodies. Grows with the baby - develops from a mobileat the cot to a portable music box. Unique design with two high-quality loudspeakers. 

6. Sterntaler Mobile play mechanism

If the mechanism of your Sterntaler mobile no longer works properly, you can order a suitable replacement here. The musical mechanism is available with differentmelodies. 

Sterntaler Mobile play mechanism
Crib mobiles
Quantity discount
9.10 CHF per piece for 3 units

Sterntaler Mobile play mechanism

7. Haba Mobile chirps

The mobile chirping babies in colourful von Haba elicits a smile from your darling. The cute, colourful little cloth birds float gently above your Baby's head andattract curious glances. Great, when the child reaches for the birds, they squeak very excitedly. With the Haba Mobile chirpers in colourful, good dreams are inevitable. 

8. Goki Mobile palm tree

The wooden mobile palm tree from Goki provides the first game fun. The colourful animals dance happily in the air, above your baby's bed. They will arouse the curiosityof your child and encourage him to grasp and play. The little animals also accompany your baby gently into the land of dreams. The mobile can be easily attached over the changing table or the cot with the cord and is a highlight in every children's room. 

9. Jabadabado Airplane

Children's mobile Wooden children's mobile to hang above the bed or changing table. Planes in different colors hang from the mobile. The colors and patterns stimulatethe senses and movements of the child in the first months. 

10. Haba Flower butterflies

They chirp, squeak or rattle into baby's hand as grippers. The pendants are fastened with Velcro fasteners and can be removed.