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1. Tiny Love Dynamic Gymini Meadow Days

For parents, the blankets offer a wonderful opportunity to accompany the developmental steps of the young explorers and to spend valuable time together. Tiny Love is considered to be the inventor of the Activity Playmat with Play Bow. Every Gymini can be actively used by the baby from birth; fascinating 3D activities stimulate different stages of development. Our mats are easy to clean, fold and transport. Adjustable and movable play bows provide a versatile environment and adapt to every step of the child Open play bows offer plenty of room for a time spent together by parents and baby. 

2. Tiny Love Super Mat Meadow Days

Extra-large play mat that awakens the baby's curiosity and promotes the development of gross motor skills. The adjustable, single mirror helps to inspire the baby and prolong the belly time. The foldable and portable product has numerous functions and a wide range of applications indoors and outdoors. 

3. Fisher-Price Rainforest Music & Lights Deluxe Gym

The Fisher-Price Rainforest Music & Lights Deluxe Gym helps keep your baby busy as a bee, at home or on the go. The cozy rainforest comes to life with music, lights, and nature sounds that respond to your baby's movement, plus more than 10 activity toys you can move around to give your baby a fresh play experience. With three ways to play, a super-soft play mat, and a take-along toucan featuring up to 20 minutes of music and color-changing lights, your baby will love exploring all the wild fun of this deluxe infant gym. 

4. Taf Toys I love...

This double size play mat with extra padding is printed with humorous illustrations and texts. Your baby will love the play mat! The colourful illustrations promote your baby's emotional intelligence and parent-child interaction. The mat is equipped with many entertaining toys: a childproof mirror, plastic rings, a pineapple-shaped teething ring, textured fabric and crackling foil. With these toys your baby will playfully improve his fine or gross motor skills. 

5. Tiny Love Gymini Magic Tales

The Tiny Love Black and White Gymini Magic Tales provide exciting moments. The varied play bow is ready for relaxing experiences as well as entertaining lessons. With the Tiny Love Black and White Gymini different stuffed animals hang on the playing arches which all carry their own speciality with them. Features include, for example, a funny rattle, a music box or animated figures. The corresponding mirror arouses interest in the movements depicted. A fabric picture book is supplied for viewing and telling stories. Thanks to the soft pad the young explorers love to experience the different things of the Tiny Love Black and White Gymini Magic Tales. Features of the Black and White Gymini Magic Tales Adjustable play bow Integrated mirror for even more fun Easy-to-grip teething ring Music toy entertains and provides enough activity Includes grab ring with squeaky soft fox rattle and removable book Machine washable blanket Crackling cloud to play cuckoo Stimulates the senses Mobile in black and white. 

6. Tiny Love Gymini Forest Theme Deluxe

Babies' first year is incredibly exciting - Tiny Love's Gymini Mats help the little ones control their motor skills and understand the world around them. The colours, textures and sounds of the mat stimulate the baby's senses from the very first days. Let your baby play with the deer rattle or the crackling badger or explore your own mirror image during the belly time. When the baby sits down, it's time to explore the different functions further, play with the electronic woodpecker, enjoy the hide and seek game, etc. For parents, the blankets offer a wonderful opportunity to accompany the developmental steps of the little explorers and to spend valuable time together. 

7. Playgro Penguin

In the very first weeks and months after birth, it is especially important to stimulate the senses of the little ones, which are gradually developed during this time. Beautiful colours and patterns, acoustic effects such as rattling sounds and different materials are suitable for this. The play and crawl blanket Penguin provides versatile play fun while lying and sitting even for the smallest children. The removable play bow is equipped with various hanging animals, a teething ring and a rattle, which the children can reach for and play with wonderfully. The included child-friendly mirror also promotes the child's development and trains self-awareness. Thanks to a clip on the small mobile included, this play element can be attached to the baby car seat and pram if required, thus ensuring lots of play fun when out and about. The thick edge of the soft mat, as well as the additional cushion in the shape of a sea lion, allow the baby to lie down in different positions. The mat can also be easily cleaned in the washing machine thanks to the material. 

8. VTech Music blanket

Please be aware that the product's sounds are only available in German.

9. Fehn Crawling blanket with play bow bear Rainbow

Product type: Crawling blanket with integrated play arch, Material: Jersey, Colour: Beige, Width: 105, Depth: 80, Data supplier: Trustbox.

10. Fehn Crawling blanket with play bow Aiko & Yuki

Product type: Crawling blanket with integrated play arch, Material: plush, Colour: multicoloured, Width: 105, Depth: 85, Data supplier: Trustbox.