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Samsung Odyssey G9 - G95T (5120 x 1440 pixels, 49")
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Samsung Odyssey G9 - G95T

5120 x 1440 pixels, 49"

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2 years ago

I have a MacBook Air M1. Is it compatible with this widescreen monitor? If yes, what is the maximum resolution output and at which refresh rete ?


2 years ago

Helpful answer

M1 does support the DP 1.4 standard, so should be able to support 5120x1440@120Hz. Though there is a lot of people having issues with this resolution on MAC.
- Maybe the problem has been solved with the latest macOS by now.
- this software can help
- try to turn on or off VRR (variable refresh rate).
- this might be the most useful link describing the

problem and solution:

Samsung Electronics GmbH
thank you for your inquiry.
If your notebook has an HDMI connection or display port, you can connect and use the Samsung Curved Gaming Monitor Odyssey G9
LC49G95TSSRXEN. Wether the max. resolution is supported depends on the specifications of your graphics card.
Kind regards,
Your Samsung Service Team