VR headsets

VR glasses are your portal into any virtual world. You can experience a new dimension of immersion in games or virtually explore places in remote places. To make the feeling realistic, VR glasses track your movements, which are transferred into the virtual world. This can be realized either via external tracking stations or via integrated sensors and cameras, which perceive your position changes live. With one or two controllers you get the possibility to interact in the imaginary world. Often you also have headphones or at least directional loudspeakers.

Basically there are two basic types of VR glasses: Eyeglasses that depend on the calculation of an external computer and eyeglasses that have a built-in chip and work standalone. The advantages and disadvantages of both types are obvious: VR glasses connected to the computer have a much higher computing power, but are less mobile. Standalone VR headsets are very mobile, but have very limited computing capacity.

Here you will find a large selection of all popular VR glasses from Dell, HP, HTC, Lenovo, Medion, Microsoft, Oculus, Pimax, Samsung and Sony.

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Oculus - Rift S

HTC - Vive Cosmos

Oculus - Quest 64GB

Oculus - Quest 128GB

HTC - Vive Pro - Full Kit

HTC - Vive Cosmos Elite

HTC - Vive Pro + Wireless Adapter + Clip

HTC - Vive Pro Eye

HTC - Vive Cosmos Elite HMD

Samsung - Odyssey+

Oculus - Go 64GB

HP - Reverb VR1000-200nn

Sony - Playstation VR v2 Mega Pack + Camera + 5 Games

Pimax - 8K

HP - Reverb