Best products in the Sports watch + Smart watch accessories category

Here's a ranking of the best products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've also added some key information about the products.

1. Garmin Charging cable

With the charging/data terminal you can do two things with one cable. Connect the cable to the computer's USB port to charge your compatible device and transfer data between the device and the computer. The cable can also be used with an optional power supply unit (sold separately). 

2. Apple Magnetic Fast Charger

APPLE Watch Magnetic Fast Charger to USBC Cable 1m.

3. Garmin 010-12983-00 USB cable USB A Black

Accessory type: Charging cable, Detail colour: Black.

4. Garmin Charging/data terminal

Connect the cable to your computer's USB port to charge your compatible device and transfer data between the device and computer. The cable can also be used with an optional power supply (sold separately). 

5. Fitbit Charging cable

Be sure to charge your Fitbit Sense Versa 3 regularly so you don't miss a beat. This thin charging cable plugs into the USB port. It fits in any purse, backpack and more, so you'll always have enough battery power for your workout. 

6. Samsung Active Wireless Charger

Simply lay down and charge. Inductive and magnetic charging station for convenient charging with compact design. Start charging by simply placing the Galaxy Watch Active2 or Galaxy Watch Active on the Wireless Charger. The built-in magnet keeps the smartwatch perfectly in place on the designated charging surface. 

7. Fitbit Charge 5 & Luxe Charging Cable

With this slim USB charging cable, your Fitbit Charge 5 or Luxe is quickly charged and always ready to go.

8. PanzerGlass Screen protector

No matter what spectacular adventure you have, your Apple Watch is always with you: And what if the watch bumps into rocks on the top of a mountain? Or scrapes against sharp-edged coral at the bottom of the ocean? Or bumps into a stalactite in an underground cave? Don't worry, the ultra-scratch-resistant PanzerGlass screen protector provides reliable protection against these dangers. Its smudge-proof surface coating repels dust and dirt and reduces annoying fingerprints. Installation is simple and you can immediately enjoy the good feeling of security, even if the glass scratches against hard stone. You'll be glad you clicked ""add to cart"". The screen protector covers the entire watch display with a perfect fit and comes in FSC certified packaging that can be recycled. Main features Product colour Transparent Brand compatibility Apple Compatibility Apple - Watch Ultra 49mm Material. 

9. PanzerGlass Anti-glare screen protector

Shock and scratch resistant special glass, ensures a clear view of the device even in sunlight (anti-reflective effect). Waterproof, protects the display device from moisture. Grease-repellent coating prevents fingerprints and facilitates cleaning. 

10. BROTECT Full-Cover Protector

With the BROTECT Flex Full-Cover screen protector you get the perfect all-round protection for your curved screen. Perfect fit and all-round protection The BROTECT Flex screen protector is accurately tailored in Germany to fit your Xplora X6 Play. With the assembled foil you’re going to protect your curved screen perfectly against dust and scratches. Super flexible and strong BROTECT Flex is a very innovative material, which was developed especially for curved surfaces. The high flexibility and the strong adhesive layer enable the perfect protection for your Xplora X6 Play. Self-Healing The surface of the BROTECT Flex Full-Cover screen protector is provided with a special coating, letting small scratches disappear by themselves. Convince yourself. Touch & feel Of course the original touch experience of your display will be preserved. Thanks to it’s high quality the surface feel of the foil can’t be distinguished from a real display. As always, you can fully rely on the BRO. High transparency Of course the high quality material of BROTECT Flex is highly transparent. Therefore you retain a clear view and see all the content on your Xplora X6 Play pin sharp. Montage Thanks to the specially developed adhesive layer an easy installation is guaranteed. It is important that you stick exactly to the installation instructions and video. If small air bubbles remain after installation, be patient - they will disappear within 2 - 3 days. Compatible with Xplora X6 Play.