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1. Delock 19″ Coupling Patch Panel 24 Port Cat.6

You can use this patch panel from Delock for installation in an appliance cabinet at 19″ The panel offers a practical connection option for patch cables thanks to the sockets accessible at the front and rear. 

2. Digitus DN-97609 Shelf

DIGITUS shelf 48,3cm 19inch for wall cupboards RAL7035 grey 483x250x44mm incl. fixing material

Requires 1U

3. Digitus DN-19 TRAY-1-400-SW

Can be used in all Digitus 19" cabinets and Digitus 19" universal racks, depending on the respective cabinet depth. The slim design, which requires only 1 height unit, and the simple and quick assembly or disassembly characterise the shelf. The fixed shelves are easy to install on the front 483 mm (19") profile rails of your 483 mm (19") network or server cabinet. Due to the stable, perforated perforated plate with a high load capacity, they are the optimal wing for components that cannot be installed 483 mm (19"). 

4. Digitus CAT 6A Patch Panel, shielded, 12-Port, 1HE, 10", grey

The CAT 6A patch panel is available in this 12 port version. It offers sturdy design by its 1.5mm galvanic cold rolled steel. Perfect for 10" cabinet mounting. The fully shielded RJ45 sockets provide an optimal stability for your cables with best performances. The patch panel applies to 802.3at/af PoE standard. It is shielded electromagnetically and offers lost and interruption free forwarding of your data in your network. The 360 degree shielding at the contact points makes sure every single point of consilidation is shielded perfectly. 

5. Digitus DN-97610 Shelf 2HE

It is ideal for recording 19" components outside the original system. Suitable for all Digitus 19" cabinets and relay racks. The Digitus fixed shelf 370mm 20kg 2HE is suitable for installation in network cabinets and requires two height units. It is firmly screwed to the cabinet and consists of stable, perforated perforated plate. The shelf has a load capacity of up to 20 kg. The delivery takes place completely with fastening material. 

6. Digitus Shelf

The shelves for fixed installation can be easily installed on the four 483 mm (19") profile rails of your 483 mm (19") network or server cabinet. Due to the stable, perforated perforated plate with a load capacity of up to 50 kg, they are the optimal support surface for components that cannot be installed in 483 mm (19") cabinets. The mounting rails can be adjusted if required. 

7. HPE E Aktivierungs-Kit iLO Enablement Microserver Gen10+

The HPE MicroServer Gen10 Plus iLO Enablement Kit equips your HPE MicroServer Gen10 Plus Server with iLO.

8. HPE Smart storage battery

The HPE Smart Storage Battery is a lithium-ion, low-halogen centralized backup source and is required to backup the write cache content onto flash memory on the HPE Smart Array Gen10 and Gen9 performance RAID (P-class) controllers in case of an unplanned server power loss. The battery is also the backup power source for HPE NVDIMMS and allows any data in flight on the DRAM to be moved to the non-volatile NAND flash. Only one battery is required per server as it can support multiple devices. 

9. Digitus Modular Patch Panel

The modular patch panel from DIGITUS is available as a 16 or 24-port version. The 1.5 mm cold-rolled carbon steel offers optimal hold for your keystone modules.

Digitus Modular Patch Panel
Server accessories
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13.–per piece for 2 units

Digitus Modular Patch Panel

10. Digitus patch panel

The Digitus patch panel DN-91624S-EA is suitable for installation in 48.2 cm (19") distribution cabinets, offers 24 high-quality RJ-45 sockets (8P8C, Cat.6A suitable) and a colour-coded cable installation via LSA strips for wires with a diameter of AWG 22-26. It has a housing made of 1.5 mm thick sheet steel for high load capacity including fixing facility for cable ties and central grounding.