Best products in the Screen protectors category

Here's a ranking of the best products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've also added some key information about the products.

1. HP Display Privacy Filter

The HP 14.0 Notebook data protection filter can be conveniently attached and removed on the screen of an HP notebook with adhesive tape and retaining clips. The filter reduces the viewing angle of the display and thus protects the data from unwanted glances. The image quality is maintained and there is no image distortion. The 14-inch diagonal data protection filter fits the EliteBook Folio 1040/840, ZBook 14, ProBook 645/640, HP 9470m, 8470w and 6470b notebooks, among others. 

2. Displex Laptop privacy film

Highly effective 2-way privacy filter protects the screen from scratches and damage and limits the field of view to+/- 30°. I.e. from an angle of approx. 30° the display appears black, so that your privacy and sensitive data are protected from unwanted side views, compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is supported.

Thanks to the magnetic attachment, the Privacy Safe privacy filter can be attached and removed quickly and easily - without any annoying fastening clips. The neodymium magnets are 100% tested and safe to use on monitors. Laptop closing is also possible without removal.

The Privacy Safe privacy filter has 2 different reversible sides. The matt anti-reflective surface enables non-reflective, glare-free use (especially in bright light) and reduces annoying fingerprints. The other, glossy side provides a clearer view of the screen and maximum colour brilliance, especially indoors and in medium to dark light conditions.

The integrated bluelight filter reduces harmful short-wave blue light, providing eye relief and reducing the likelihood of blue light-related eye irritation and sleep disturbance. The Privacy Safe privacy filter does not interfere with the touch and scroll capabilities of the display. The display can be used without restriction - as if no privacy filter were in place. Pens/pencils are also supported [model-dependent].

3. Lenovo Laptop Privacy Filter from 3M

Crisp and clean display clarity directly in front of the screen, yet “blacked out” on side viewing angles. Ensure you have a strong first line of defense in the fight against data security with Lenovo Privacy Filters. Reversible solution: gloss option for better clarity or matte option for anti-glare in bight conditions; Designed to seamlessly fit within the raised bezel of your device; Easy to install, attach and reattach and cleaned. 

4. Kensington MagPro Elite

Short info: Kensington MagPro Elite - Privacy filter for notebook - removable - magnetic - 35.6 cm (14") - for Apple MacBook Pro (14.2" ) Group System Accessories Manufacturer Kensington Product Type. No. K58370WW Model MagPro Elite EAN/UPC Product Description: Kensington MagPro Elite - Privacy filter for notebook Product type Privacy filter for notebook Installation type Removable - magnetic Screen size compatibility 35.6 cm (14") Features Reversible, low reflection, +/- 30° viewing angle, blue light reduction Designed for Apple MacBook Pro (14.2" ) Detailed Details General Product Type Privacy Filter for Notebook Screen Size 35.6 cm (14") Compatibility Surface Matte Display Filter Installation Type Removable - Magnetic Miscellaneous Features Reversible, Low Reflection, +/- 30° Viewing Angle, Blue Light Reduction Information on Compatibility Designed for Apple MacBook Pro (14.2" ). 

5. Kensington Magnetic privacy filter 13" MacBook Air & Pro

Seamless attachment by magnets
Attaches seamlessly to the MacBook display using magnets in the MacBook frame. There is therefore no need for potentially harmful
adhesives, and time-consuming assembly instructions are unnecessary.

Limited viewable area
Limits the field of view to +/- 30° so that the data on your screen is protected from prying eyes and the likelihood of visual hacking is minimized.

Blue light reduction
Filters out harmful rays by up to 22%, relieving your eyes and reducing the likelihood of blue light disturbing your natural sleep pattern.

Reflection protection thanks to anti-reflective coating
Reduces glare from external light sources that can adversely affect display quality.

Privacy filter can be used on both sides
Both sides of the privacy filter can be used with different effects. One side has a matt surface for maximum glare protection, feels smooth and reduces fingerprints. The other side is glossy and provides a clearer view of the screen.

Attaches seamlessly to the MacBook display with magnets already built into the MacBook frame.
The display angle is limited to +/- 30°, so that personal or confidential information remains hidden from the prying eyes of your seat neighbours.
Reduces harmful blue light by up to 22
Reduction of glare and clearer images through anti-reflective coating
Can be used on both sides with matt or glossy surface
Protects the screen from scratches and damage
Includes an antibacterial cleaning cloth and screen holder to keep your privacy filter clean and protected from scratches when not in use


7. 3M TF140W1B

3M privacy filters provide premium, effective "black-out" privacy when viewed from the side outside the 60-degree viewing angle, while offering a superior viewing experience when viewed directly. A thinnest privacy filter designed for today's thinnest devices. It also offers a matte finish that is smooth to the touch and hides fingerprints so you can enjoy pristine image clarity.

3M Black Privacy Filters for touch-compatible laptops with raised bezel provide premium, effective privacy protection from sideways glances outside the 60-degree viewing angle. It is a thinnest privacy filter designed for today's thinnest devices and optimised for touch applications. The satin-like matte finish is smooth to the touch and offers incredible image sharpness, making it ideal for high-resolution screens with higher pixel density. From 3M, a leader in touch screen privacy.

8. Targus Privacy filter

Working life has become more mobile and increasingly one is working in busy public spaces such as cafés, airports or shared offices. Privacy Screens ensure you can work comfortably with confidential information wherever you are by narrowing the viewing angle on your device so on-screen data can only be seen clearly from directly in front of it.

Targus Privacy Screens are available for tablet, laptop and desktop screens and are all touchscreen compatible. The anti-glare non-reflective screen ensures you can work comfortably even in bright, high glare environments. Prolonged exposure to blue light, such as the light of your device screen, can have a harmful effect on your health so Targus Privacy Screens also include a blue light filter for ease and wellbeing when using your device for extended periods.

9. 3M PF270W9B

3M? privacy filters keep confidential information private. Only the person sitting directly in front of the monitor can see the display on the screen; people sitting on the side can only see a dark screen. Suitable for widescreen monitors with 27" screen diagonal and 16:9 aspect ratio. You can choose from two simple installation options. Can be inverted, the matte side reduces reflections and reflections. Light, thin, frameless design. Protects the display from dirt, dust and scratches. Easy cleaning with soft cloth and water. Excellent in busy areas such as airports, airplanes, trains, cafés and other public places. 

10. Durable Privacy Filter Magnetic

Protect your display from unwanted glances. With laptop eye protection filters you can work safely on sensitive data - ideal for traveling and durable environments. Privacy screen film prevents side reading at an angle of 60° easy to attach and remove the filter again by attachment with two neodymium magnets. Easy attachment and removal of the filter by attachment with two neodymium magnets.