Best products in the Power Supply PC category

Here's a ranking of the best products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've also added some key information about the products.

1. be quiet! Straight Power 11

In the development of this series generation, the German be quiet. Team attaches particular importance to noise-optimised features and high-quality equipment. All this makes the Straight Power 11 Series quieter than ever and the best choice for building new or upgrading existing systems. Straight Power 11 is the first choice among premium power supplies. 

2. Corsair HX1200

Corsair's HX Series power supplies feature extremely precise voltage regulation, virtually silent operation, Platinum-certified efficiency and a fully modular cable set. The exclusive use of Japanese 105-degree capacitors makes these power supplies ideal for high performance PCs where reliability is essential. Corsair power supply HX1200W 1200W, cooling type: active, 80 PLUS certificate: Platinum, power supply rated power: 1200 W, power supply wiring harness: fully modular, power supply form factor: ATX. 

3. Gigabyte P1000GM

The Gigabyte GP-P1000GM PC power supply with fully modular cables is 80 PLUS Gold certified and ensures better energy efficiency. Lower power consumption reduces heat generation and fan noise. The power supply can achieve up to 90% efficiency and provides the solution for system builds. The modular cables reduce clutter and improve air circulation in the enclosure. The single + 12V rail provides good power output, stability and compatibility for hardware. The quiet 120mm fan optimises noise reduction and thermal performance. The fan speed is adjusted according to the automatic power detection. The fan offers a longer and more stable service life thanks to hydraulic bearings. 

4. Corsair RM850 2021s

The 80 PLUS Gold certification of this power supply assures that an efficiency of at least 88% is achieved at 100% load. This means that little of the energy used becomes heat, resulting in less heat, lower energy consumption and therefore less need for ventilation. 

5. Corsair CX750M

CX Series modular power supplies are an excellent choice for standard system builds and desktop PC upgrades due to their high reliability, low noise and the flexibility of modular cable routing.

low noise
With 80PLUS Bronze-certified efficiency and clever fan design, there is little or no fan noise during regular operation.

Faster installation and better-looking builds
With the modular cabling system, you use only the cables you need. Save space and reduce cable clutter to create a cleaner-looking build and improved airflow.

Reliable and compatible
CX Series modular power supplies are built and tested to strict standards to ensure trouble-free installation and operation.

Good appearance
The matt black, black-coated cables and black connectors give your system an unobtrusive high-tech look.

Corsair Technology and Quality Control
Each Corsair power supply is designed by our engineering team in California and built to our exact specifications. The same care that goes into the design and testing of our renowned Enthusiast-High Performance Power Supplies is applied to the CX Series Modular Power Supplies because you need confidence and reliability regardless of budget.

Modular cabling system
Since the peripheral power cables are not permanently connected to the power supply, you can only connect the cables you need for your exact configuration of PCI-E cards and storage devices. The remaining cables stay in the package and don't end up in the case of your PC, just tangling the cables and blocking the airflow.

Larger diameter, thermally controlled fan
Once a power supply has been installed, you should never have to think about it again. By using a thermally controlled fan, the CX Series modular power supply becomes quieter at idle and the large diameter reduces noise when your system is under heavy load.

6. Cooler Master V Series SFX

The 80 PLUS Gold certification of this power supply assures that an efficiency of at least 88% is achieved at 100% load. This means that little of the energy used becomes heat, resulting in less heat, lower energy consumption and therefore less need for ventilation. 

7. Corsair RM1000X

With the 2021 RMx series, Corsair offers quiet and fully modular power supplies for gaming systems. The 80 PLUS Gold power supplies are characterized by their stylish design and high performance. The perfectly matched electronics are cooled by a powerful and semi-passive 135 mm fan, which operates particularly quietly. 

8. be quiet! Dark Power 13

For its very good efficiency, this power supply unit has been awarded the 80 Plus Platinum certificate. The very high efficiency thus exceeds 94/92/90 percent at 50/20/100 percent load (at 230 volts input voltage). Less excess energy means less unnecessary heat generation. This also protects other components, the fans operate more quietly and you save money in the long run through lower electricity bills. 

9. Corsair SF750 Platinum

The 80 PLUS Platinum certificate makes it an extremely efficient power supply that generates less heat and reduces the electricity bill. The 92mm fan delivers powerful performance with quiet operation thanks to the Zero RPM mode, which is only activated at higher loads. Completely modular, individually sheathed cables improve the airflow in the housing, as only the cables that are really necessary are used. The Japanese 105°C capacitors provide improved stability and reliability. 

10. Corsair RM750x White *2018*

The Corsair RM750x Series power supplies are equipped with the highest quality components to power your PC with 80 PLUS Gold. With only Japanese 105°C capacitors, users can rely on the durability and reliability of an RM750x power supply. Zero RPM Mode means that an RM750x series power supply operates almost noiselessly at low and medium load and even at maximum power a quiet fan ensures quiet operation. Fully modular cables make PC setups and upgrades easy because you only need to install the cables your system needs. Quiet, efficient and reliable, an RM750x power supply has everything you need for power supply. Your powerful PC for the next few years.