Best products in the Gaming furniture accessories category

Here's a ranking of the best products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've also added some key information about the products.

1. Next Level Racing Wheel Stand 2.0

The Next Level Racing Wheel Stand 2.0 - with over 10 years of customer feedback on the Next Level Racing Wheel Stand, the know-how has been used to improve every aspect of the first generation Wheel Stand. By introducing a robotic manufacturing process with laser cutting and welding, functionality and strength are improved with stronger and more adjustable supports for pedals, shifter and handbrake. Wheel Stand 2.0 offers an even wider range of adjustments and compatibility for sim racing electronics on the market. With the new addition of shift lever and handbrake support and gaming seat shell, users experience racing simulation more immersively. With the Next Level Racing GT Seat add-on, the Wheel Stand 2.0 can also be upgraded to a full cockpit and is also compatible with motion solutions. 

2. L33T Castors for gaming chairs

Prevent your floor from being scratched and get the ultimate grip with these cool, high quality 3" rubber wheels. No squeaking - noiseless gliding over any surface. Easy to install, no tools required. Fits any L33T gaming chair. Ultimate grip and silent gliding. Holds up to 300 kg. 

3. Playseat Floor mat XL

This mat has a non-slip coating on the underside to keep your seat in place even during the most intense game sessions. The Playseat Floor Mat XL carries the Playseat logo on the underside. This XL version of the Playseat Floor Mat is much larger and can be used with all Playseat play seats. It is particularly suitable for the Playseat Sensation Pro models. 

4. Playseat Floor mat

Do you have a Playseat racing seat and want to protect your floor from damage? With Playseat Floor Mat, that's no problem and you don't have to worry about it.

5. noblechairs Memory Foam Cushion Set

With memory foam cores, for the neck and lumbar area, increased ergonomics and comfort, with embroidered noblechairs logo.

6. Playseat Playseat Gearshift Support

Black coated steel construction, suitable to hold the G27 gearshift. The holder is compatible with all Playseat models. Features of the product: The bracket can be mounted next to the steering wheel. 

7. Playseat Gear lever bracket Pro

The Playseat GearShift Holder PRO is suitable for simulation racing drivers who have the highest demands on the material. With your gear shift on the Playseat GearShift Holder PRO you are ready for the most extreme and exciting games.
The Playseat GearShift Holder PRO is compatible with the Playseat® Evolution, Revolution, Champion, Air Force, Gran Turismo, Forza Motorsport, WRC and SV racing seats.
It is fully adjustable and can be mounted to the left or right of the chair.

With the Playseat® GearShift Holder PRO you leave your opponents far behind!


Compatible with Playseat® Evolution, Revolution, Gran Turismo, WRC, Forza and Nascar racing seats
Compatible with all gear shifts on the market
Patented steel-coated structure for extreme stability
Outstanding workmanship, stability and comfort
Can be mounted to the right and left of the chair
Height adjustment: 30 mm

8. Next Level Racing Floor Mat

A nice side effect: there is no "fraying or damage" of the edges and surface of the mat. The Floor Mat can be used as an underlay for a gaming chair or a complete GTultimate V2 simulator cockpit, protecting the flooring from wear and tear. Offers enough space for your feet and feels comfortable thanks to the structured layer. With its simple and elegant design, as well as an anti-slip coating on the back, the five millimetre high gaming mat is the ideal addition for demanding PC users with a well-considered budget. 

9. Playseat seat slider

The Seatslider allows you to adjust the seat (just like the Seatslider in your car). Ideal for small children and those who are very tall.

10. L33T Gaming anti-ladder set for gaming chairs

In just a few seconds you can replace the casters on your gaming or office chair and turn it into a fixed chair. The feet fit 99% of all gaming and office chairs and are ideal for all types of racing games with pedals and steering wheels.