Best products in the Digital TV receiver accessories category

Here's a ranking of the best products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've also added some key information about the products.

1. Formuler Power supply unit

Spare power supply for Formuler models Z+, Z 7+, Z 7+ 5G, Zx, Zx 5G and Z 8. Input: 100-240V, 50/60Hz. Output: 12.0V, 1.0A.

2. Vu+ IR remote control

Infrared remote control for all VU+ receivers, programmable for each model. VU+ Duo,VU+ Solo, VU+ Solo 4K, VU+ Solo SE (V1 / V2), VU+ Ultimo, VU+ Ultimo 4K, VU+Uno, VU+ Uno 4K, VU+ Uno 4K SE, VU+ Zero, VU+ Zero 4K. The volume buttons (Vol+ / Vol- / Mute) as well as the TV power button can be programmed for volume control and on/off function of your TV. 

3. Axing BSD 21-07 TV Gray socket

Main Features Technical Details Jack Type TV Product Color Gray Jack Quantity 2 Certification CE Weight & Dimensions Width 68 mm Depth 35 mm Height 68 mm.

4. CE-Scouting USB WLAN adapter

CE USB-WLAN Adapter for TechniSat, Dreambox, VU+ 300 Mbps.

5. TechniSat Power supply 12V / 3.0 A

220V Input, 12V / 3.0 A Output

suitable for:

Digit ISIO S2
Technibox UHD S
Digiplus UHD S
Digi ISIO S3.

6. TVIP Remote control for S-Box series

R and Bluetooth remote control.

Control your TVIP IP Box conveniently combined with infrared and Bluetooth.

With Bluetooth, you do not need to have a visual contact
with the box. For example, you can place the TVIP box in a sideboard or behind the TV and control the device via Bluetooth "through walls"*.

*Bluetooth functionality only with TVIP S-Box 525, 605, 615 & 415se, at the first installation you have to pair the remote control with the device, you can find this in the menu of the TVIP box

For all other TVIP models this remote control can be used as IR (infrared) command variant

7. TVIP Power supply unit for box v.501 / 525 / 600 / 605

Input: 100-240V AC
Output: 12.0V DC, 1.0A.

8. Dreambox BT/IR Bundle

The Dream Bluetooth Dongle allows the extension of the DM900 and DM920 receiver for the operation with the Dream Bluetooth remote control and makes you independentof the conventional infrared control. Operate your receiver without any problems, even with concealed installation. 

9. Axing Ethernet over CoaxEOC 2-32Peer-to-Peer 1600 Mbps WiFi

Ethernet over CoaxEOC 2-32Peer-to-Peer 1600 Mbps WiFi (EOC00232).

10. Axing Cable TV Amplifier

30 dB house connection amplifier. Integrated power supply, LED indicator and ground terminal, F-connectors.

Multimedia distribution for 4 residential units: Install
the amplifier close to the HÜP. Connect the antenna sockets to the amplifier via a branch in star structure. The necessary decoupling between the sockets is ensured by the branch attenuation of the tap. Use multimedia sockets to be able to connect cable modems for PCs, TV and radio equipment.