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1. Aten CS22U, 2-Port KVM Switch, USB, VGA

The CS22U is a KVM switch with 2 USB ports that allows fast and easy selection of the connected computers via the port selector for the remote station. This allows you to place the CS22U device out of sight and install the port selector switch for the remote station at the workstation.
The CS22U's compact design makes it ideal for desktop applications based on different platforms that require high-resolution graphics.

2. Aten CS62US KVM Switch

Connect two computers with USB ports to one USB console and get a comprehensive USB computer system compatible with all major platforms: PC, Mac and Sun.

3. Aten KA7570 VGA

Aten KVM cable KA7570, usable up to 40m distance, supports resolutions up to 1600 x 1200, keyboard and mouse emulation, firmware update guaranteed for lifetime, hot plugging, resolutions 1680x1050 and 1920x1200 (excluding image area) are supported by the KVM adapter. 

4. Aten 2L-5202U

PC connectors: HDB and USB, console connectors: 3 in 1 SPHD (keyboard/mouse/monitor), length: 1.8 m.

Compatible products:
CE700A, CL1308, CL1316, CL3000, CL5708,
CL5716, CL5800, CL5808, CL5816, CN8000, CS1308, CS1316, CS1708A, CS1708i, CS1716A, CS1716i, CS1742, CS1744, CS231, CS82U, CS84U, IP8000, KA9233, KL1100, CL1758, CS1708, CS1716, KL3116, KL3116T. 

5. j5Create Wormhole KVM Switch/Data Link Cable 1.8 m

The console switch cable allows easy and simultaneous access to two computers via only one monitor, mouse and keyboard. Integrated file transfer function for backups, data storage and file transfer between the connected computers. Different operating systems need not be considered. Also included is a shared clipboard for quick text exchange via copy and paste. 

j5Create Wormhole KVM Switch/Data Link Cable 1.8 m
KVM switch cables
18.95was 20.90

j5Create Wormhole KVM Switch/Data Link Cable 1.8 m


6. Aten 2L-5203UP

1 cable set USB & VGA for KVM switches with integrated PS/2 to USB converter: Aten ACS1208A, ACS1216A, CE250A, CE252, CL1000, CL1008, CS72E, CS74E, CS74E, KH0116, KL1100, KL9108, KL9116, KN9108, KN9116 

7. Aten KA7169

Aten KVM cable KA7169, Displayport&USB.

8. Aten HDMI EDID Emulator

ATEN VC081A True 4K HDMI EDID Emulator.

9. Aten KA7166: DVI to KVM adapter cable

Aten KVM Cable KA7166-AX DVI&USB.

10. Aten 2L-7D02DHX2 USB HDMI to DVI-D

ATEN 2L-7D02DHX2 USB HDMI to DVI-D. The 2L-7D02DHX2 Secure KVM Cable Set provides high-quality data connections between the Secure KVM Switch and your DVI servers and computers. The TAA compliant cable set allows you to connect video, USB keyboard/mouse/CAC, and audio (speakers) and provides superior performance with ATEN PSS PP v3.0 Secure KVM Switches.