Top-rated products in the Gaming furniture accessories category

Here's a ranking of the top rated products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've also added some key information about the products.

1. L33T Castors for gaming chairs

Prevent your floor from being scratched and get the ultimate grip with these cool, high quality 3" rubber wheels. No squeaking - noiseless gliding over any surface. Easy to install, no tools required. Fits any L33T gaming chair. Ultimate grip and silent gliding. Holds up to 300 kg. 

2. Playseat Gear lever bracket Pro

The Playseat GearShift Holder PRO is suitable for simulation racing drivers who have the highest demands on the material. With your gear shift on the Playseat GearShift Holder PRO you are ready for the most extreme and exciting games.
The Playseat GearShift Holder PRO is compatible with the Playseat® Evolution, Revolution, Champion, Air Force, Gran Turismo, Forza Motorsport, WRC and SV racing seats.
It is fully adjustable and can be mounted to the left or right of the chair.

With the Playseat® GearShift Holder PRO you leave your opponents far behind!


Compatible with Playseat® Evolution, Revolution, Gran Turismo, WRC, Forza and Nascar racing seats
Compatible with all gear shifts on the market
Patented steel-coated structure for extreme stability
Outstanding workmanship, stability and comfort
Can be mounted to the right and left of the chair
Height adjustment: 30 mm

3. Next Level Racing Wheel Stand 2.0

The Next Level Racing Wheel Stand 2.0 - with over 10 years of customer feedback on the Next Level Racing Wheel Stand, the know-how has been used to improve every aspect of the first generation Wheel Stand. By introducing a robotic manufacturing process with laser cutting and welding, functionality and strength are improved with stronger and more adjustable supports for pedals, shifter and handbrake. Wheel Stand 2.0 offers an even wider range of adjustments and compatibility for sim racing electronics on the market. With the new addition of shift lever and handbrake support and gaming seat shell, users experience racing simulation more immersively. With the Next Level Racing GT Seat add-on, the Wheel Stand 2.0 can also be upgraded to a full cockpit and is also compatible with motion solutions. 

4. Playseat seat slider

The Seatslider allows you to adjust the seat (just like the Seatslider in your car). Ideal for small children and those who are very tall.

5. Playseat Floor mat

Do you have a Playseat racing seat and want to protect your floor from damage? With Playseat Floor Mat, that's no problem and you don't have to worry about it.

6. Trust GXT 715 Floor mat

Your Trust GXT gaming gear lets you fully emerge in your game and transports you to other worlds. But how about the world you leave behind? With the GXT 715 Chair mat, you don’t have to worry about damaging the floor or staining the carpet when you’re playing at full power. You can avoid everyday wear and tear of your floor caused by moving around and prevent stains on your carpet from spilt drinks. The size of 99 x 120 cm (1.20 m2) makes sure it fits easily under most desks and gives you ample room to play. Its durable, long-lasting material allows you to use this chair mat on hard as well as low-pile carpeted surfaces.

Apart from protecting your floor, this gaming mat allows you to roll your game smoothly with any type of chair because of its hard, wear-resistant surface. Whether playing on a gaming chair or a classic office chair, this mat complements any gaming set-up.

7. LC-Power Gaming chair castors

Customize your gaming chair with extra smooth running inline skate wheels. 5 casters in a set. Compatible with most gaming & office chairs. Extra smooth running inline skate wheels. Diameter is approx 10.92 mm. 

8. noblechairs Memory Foam Cushion Set

With memory foam cores, for the neck and lumbar area, increased ergonomics and comfort, with embroidered noblechairs logo.

9. noblechairs Cushion set for Epic/Icon/Hero

Every gaming chair must be accompanied by cushions and especially the high-quality cushions from noble chairs are the first choice. As an additional support for the neck and lumbar area, the cushions support a natural sitting posture and at the same time increase the comfort in gaming armchairs that are already comfortable. Thanks to their extraordinary flexibility, the cushions can be positioned precisely and thus achieve the most comfortable sitting position. Fine rubber bands hold them in the desired position.

The noble chairs cushions are soft, but nevertheless extremely stable, in order to support the body in the best possible way. The foam core is covered with a coating of soft but resistant fabric. Each noble chairs cushion nestles up to the skin. At the same time, the cushions are easy to clean and can be washed off easily. Finally, the noblechairs cushions are also something for the eye: noblechairs logo and lettering are embroidered in various colours - here in black - into the cushion. This makes the noble chairs cushions an absolute must, and not only for owners of a noble chair.

10. Elgato Multi Mount Solid Arm

You need a helping hand, or two, or even three? Solid Arm provides another attachment point for almost any device with 1/4" thread. Overhead installations, multiple attachment points, freestanding setups - all components of Multi Mount are compatible with each other, so you can customize your configuration in no time.