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1. Sony Marvel's Spider-Man 2

Spider-Men Peter Parker and Miles Morales return for an exciting new adventure in the critically acclaimed Marvel's Spider-Man franchise. Swing, jump and use the new web wings to traverse Marvel's New York. Switch back and forth between Peter Parker and Miles Morales, experiencing their storylines and epic new powers first-hand as the iconic villain Venom threatens their lives, their loved ones and the entire city. The Evolution of Spider-Man Story The intangible power of the symbiotes forces Peter and Miles to face the ultimate test, both with and without the mask, of balancing their daily lives, their friendships and their duty to protect others. Experience two playable Spider-Men Switch quickly between the two Spider-Men as you explore Marvel's New York, now even bigger. Try out Peter's new symbiote abilities and Miles' explosive bioelectric Venom powers, and discover upgradable high-tech gear that makes battles even more interesting for even more gameplay depth and variety. Battle iconic Marvel super villains Fight several new iconic villains, such as a reimagining of the monstrous Venom, Kraven the Hunter, the unpredictable Lizard and many more! Marvel's New York is bigger than ever, with two new boroughs - Brooklyn and Queens - and familiar locations like Coney Island. PlayStation®5 console features - Amazing graphic effects made possible by the engine developed by Insomniac Games. - Quick-switch allows almost instantaneous changes between Peter Parker and Miles Morales. - Highly immersive surround sound throughout the city. - A sprawling metropolis made even more exciting to explore thanks to faster web swinging and the new web wings. - Haptic feedback ensures you feel the Spider-Men's powers in your hands. - Adaptive triggers bring combat and web activity right to your fingertips. 

Sony Marvel's Spider-Man 2 (PS5, DE, IT, FR)
Video games

Sony Marvel's Spider-Man 2


2. Sony Gran Turismo 7

Whether you're a competitive driver, collector, fine tuner, paint designer, photographer or arcade fan, your personal passion for cars will be ignited with features inspired by Gran Turismo's past, present and future. From classic cars and tracks to the reintroduction of the legendary GT simulation mode. And if you like racing - you can compete and hone your skills in FIA Championships and Sport mode. But Gran Turismo 7 isn't just about racing. In the advanced tuning and customisation mode, you can design and refine to your heart's content, or hone your skills and racing strategies in the driving school. The Real Driving Simulator. Explore all that Real Driving Simulator has to offer with new tools to help you customize your driving experience to your liking. Collect, tune, drive and customize hundreds of cars and start the garage collection of your dreams. Most features require an internet connection. 

Sony Gran Turismo 7 (PS5, Multilingual)
Video games

Sony Gran Turismo 7

PS5, Multilingual

3. Sony The Last of Us Part I

Experience the emotional story and unforgettable characters of The Last of Us, which won over 200 Game of the Year awards.

In a devastated civilization where infected
and hardened survivors roam, life-scarred protagonist Joel is hired to smuggle 14-year-old Ellie out of a military quarantine zone. What starts as a small mission, however, quickly turns into a merciless journey across the country.

Includes the complete single-player story of The Last of Us and the acclaimed prologue chapter Left Behind, which shows the events that changed the lives of Ellie and her best friend Riley forever.

Remastered for PlayStation 5 - Completely rebuilt from the ground up with Naughty Dog's latest technology for the PS5 engine, enabling state-of-the-art visual fidelity, fully integrated DualSense wireless controller capabilities and more.
A faithful remake - Relive the emotional story and unforgettable characters Joel and Ellie in The Last of Us and the events that changed the lives of Ellie and her best friend Riley forever in the award-winning prologue chapter Left Behind.
Brand New Experience - A complete overhaul of the original experience, faithfully recreated but featuring modernized gameplay mechanics, improved controls and expanded accessibility options. Dive deep through the environment thanks to improvements to effects, facial animations, exploration and combat, and storytelling.

Sony The Last of Us Part I (PS5, Multilingual)
Video games

Sony The Last of Us Part I

PS5, Multilingual

4. Sony God of War: Ragnarok

Kratos and Atreus set out on a mythical journey to find answers and allies before Ragnarok falls. Santa Monica Studio presents the sequel to the critically acclaimed God of War (2018). Kratos and Atreus must travel each of the nine worlds to find answers as they prepare for the prophesied battle that will herald the end of the world. Together, Kratos and Atreus must travel deep into the nine worlds to find answers as the forces of Asgard prepare for war. Along the way, they explore breathtaking mythical landscapes, gather allies from all worlds and face fearsome foes such as Norse gods and monsters. As the threat of Ragnarok draws ever closer, Kratos and Atreus must choose between the safety of their family and the safety of the worlds... Atreus is on a quest for knowledge that will help him understand the meaning of "Loki's" prophecy and his role in Ragnarok. Kratos must decide whether to continue to be held captive by the fear of repeating his mistakes, or to break free from it to be the father Atreus needs him to be. The Leviathan Axe, Chaos Blades and Guardian Shield return to join a whole arsenal of abilities at Kratos and Atreus' disposal. Battles against gods and monsters from all nine worlds put Kratos' merciless Spartan skills to an unprecedented test as he tries to protect his family.Travel through dangerous and breathtaking landscapes and face a variety of hostile creatures, monsters and Norse gods as Kratos and Atreus search for answers and allies. 

5. Sony Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart

Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart is an intergalactic adventure from Insomniac Games that shows what's possible when games are designed specifically for the PS5's ultra-fast SSD and DualSense wireless controller. Thanks to the PS5's SSD, players move through different dimensions even in the midst of gameplay with almost no load times. The DualSense wireless controller brings Ratchet's mind-blowingly hilarious arsenal to life. The haptic effects and adaptive buttons keep you fully immersed in the action. An evil robot overlord is working overtime to wipe out all organic life, setting his sights on Ratchet and Clank's home dimension. So you must blow the dust off the dynamic duo's ingenious arsenal of weapons and prevent the downfall of a dimension.

Enjoy an inter-dimensional adventure with stunning visuals, all at the dizzying pace and immersive features of the PlayStation5 console. Acclaimed studio Insomniac Games delivers a game redesigned from the ground up, where you'll experience never-before-seen action as it comes to life in your hands via the DualSense wireless controller. Experience intergalactic chaos as dimensional rifts shift, creating new worlds and gameplay possibilities. Warp through battlefields to quickly gain the upper hand in combat, and repair planetary rifts by solving puzzles that span the dimension. Visit never-before-seen planets and discover alternate versions of familiar favourite dimensions, with flora and fauna that feel more alive than ever before thanks to the power of the PlayStation5 console.

Sony Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart (PS5, Multilingual)
Video games

Sony Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart

PS5, Multilingual

6. Sony Horizon Forbidden West: Complete Edition

Game Horizon Forbidden West plus DLC "Burning Shores

Join Aloy on her perilous journey through a majestic but dangerous new frontier where mysterious new threats
mysterious new threats lurk. With this Complete Edition, you can enjoy the acclaimed Horizon Forbidden West in its entirety with various bonus content, including the storyline
Burning Shores story expansion, which takes place directly after the main game.

Explore distant lands, battle bigger and scarier machines, and meet surprising new tribes as you play Horizon Forbidden West.
new tribes as you return to Horizon's post-apocalyptic world of the far future.

The land is dying. Horrific storms and an unstoppable plague ravage the scattered remnants of humanity as
humanity, while terrifying new machines roam the frontiers and life on Earth is set
life on Earth is headed for another extinction.

It is up to Aloy to uncover the secrets behind these dangers and restore order and balance to the world.
and restore balance to the world. Along the way, she must work with old friends,
forge alliances with new warring factions and unlock the legacy of the distant past.

The Complete Edition includes:
Horizon Forbidden West for PS5
- Burning Shores DLC for PS5
- Digital soundtrack
- Digital Artbook
- Digital Comic: Horizon Zero Dawn 1: Sun Goshawk
Game Items:
- Photo mode extras (special pose and face paint).
Game items unlocked through story progression:
- Carja Behemoth Elite Outfit.
- Carja Behemoth short bow
- Nora Thunder Elite Outfit
- Nora Thunder Slingshot
- Apex Claw Rider Machine Strike Figure
- Raw material package

Sony Horizon Forbidden West: Complete Edition (PS5)
Video games

Sony Horizon Forbidden West: Complete Edition


7. Sony Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales

Experience the rise of Miles Morales - master incredible, explosive powers as an aspiring hero to become a whole new Spider-Man. The latest adventure in the Spider-Man universe features a brand new story. Players experience the rise of Miles Morales, who uses new superpowers to become his own Spider-Man. Thanks to the ultra-fast SSD of the PS5, players can move through Marvel's New York City at breathtaking speed with almost no loading times and experience the DualSense Wireless Controller also haptically, as Miles swings through the canyons of the house, deals blows, shoots net threads and teaches his opponents to fear with Venom Blasts. Detailed character models and improved in-game graphics make the adventures of Miles Morales as Spider-Man even more realistic. 

Sony Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales (PS5, Multilingual)
Video games

Sony Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales

PS5, Multilingual

8. Sony Sackboy: A Big Adventure

Join Sackboy on an epic 3D platforming adventure with your friends
Legendary PlayStation hero Sackboy returns in an all-new 3D adventure with controls that put you
in the thick of the action. Players can embark on this epic jump 'n run adventure alone or experience chaotic multiplayer fun with up to four friends. 

9. Sony Minecraft Legends DELUXE PS-5

Unite the overworld!
The Nether, where the Piglins roam, spreads across the Upperworld and scorches everything it touches. Are you the Hero who will protect this
friendly land? Plan your strategy and face the Piglins in spectacular battles - but be warned: they always fight back. Conquer Piglin bases during the day and defend your allies after dark. Explore lush habitats filled with treasure and danger, meet new friends and reunite with familiar mobs. With these allies by your side, all you have to do is save the world. 

Sony Minecraft Legends DELUXE PS-5 (PS5, DE)
Video games

Sony Minecraft Legends DELUXE PS-5


10. Sony Marvel's Spider-Man 2 (Nordic)

Sony Marvel's Spider-Man 2 (Nordic) (PS5, Multilingual)
Video games

Sony Marvel's Spider-Man 2 (Nordic)

PS5, Multilingual