Best Arctic Silver products in the Thermal grease category

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1. Arctic Silver 5

For better heat dissipation between processor and fan. Should be used with all processors and fans, unless the fans are equipped with heat conducting foil or other materials for special heat dissipation. The paste contains silver particles which conduct the heat very well. The silver particle content is approx. 99.9%. 3.5 grams are sufficient for approx. 20 applications. min. 9.0 W/m°K 

Arctic Silver 5 (9 W/m K, 3.50 g)
Thermal grease
Quantity discount
10.10per piece for 2 units2885.71/1kg

Arctic Silver 5

9 W/m K, 3.50 g

2. Arctic Silver ArctiClean 30+30ml

Arctic Silver Preparation for thermal paste.

Arctic Silver ArctiClean 30+30ml (60 g)
Thermal grease
Quantity discount
11.–per piece for 2 units

Arctic Silver ArctiClean 30+30ml

60 g

3. Arctic Silver Céramique 2

The Céramique 2 offers high temperature stability and contemporary heat transfer. With aluminium oxide, zinc oxide and boron nitrite, it contains no metal whatsoever and is therefore non-conductive, so there is no danger whatsoever if a little paste is spread on the board and co. 

Arctic Silver Céramique 2 (8.50 W/m K, 25 g)
Thermal grease
Quantity discount
11.–per piece for 2 units440.–/1kg

Arctic Silver Céramique 2

8.50 W/m K, 25 g

4. Arctic Silver Alumina

Arctic Alumina Thermal Compound is a ceramic, polysynthetic thermal compound for use between modern high-performance CPUs and high-performance heat sinks or water coolers. It does not contain metal or other electrically conductive materials. It is a pure electrical insulator, neither electrically conductive nor capacitive. Arctic Alumina uses a laminate of three unique shapes and sizes of ceramic particles to maximize the contact surface between the particles and heat transfer. This exclusive combination offers performance that surpasses most metal-based joints. Arctic Alumina does not contain silicone. The suspension fluid is a proprietary blend of advanced polysynthetic oils that interact to provide three different functional phases. Since it comes from the syringe, the consistency of Arctic Alumina is designed for easy application in a thin, uniform layer. During the first use of the CPU, the mass dilutes to improve the filling of the microscopic valleys and ensure the best physical contact between the heat sink and the CPU core. Then the mass thickens over the next 50 to 200 hours to its final consistency designed for long-term stability. 

Arctic Silver Alumina (4 W/m K, 1.75 g)
Thermal grease
19.9011 371.43/1kg

Arctic Silver Alumina

4 W/m K, 1.75 g

5. Arctic Silver ArctiClean cleaning kit

Accessory type: Thermal material remover.

Arctic Silver ArctiClean cleaning kit (60 g)
Thermal grease
Quantity discount
8.20per piece for 3 units136.67/1kg

Arctic Silver ArctiClean cleaning kit

60 g