Best Kensington products in the Notebook security category

On this page you'll find a ranking of the best Kensington products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've already ranked the most important information about the products for you.

1. Kensington VeriMark fingerprint scanner

-USB fingerprint scanner for biometric authentication.
-360° readability with anti-spoofing technology
-Encrypted end-to-end security with match-in-sensor
fingerprint software for authentication
-One-factor (passwordless), two-factor, multi-factor and tap-and-go authentication for various cloud-based services and software users (Dropbox, Google, GitHub, Facebook)
-1.2 m USB cable provides flexibility can be placed virtually anywhere on or near the desk

2. Kensington NanoSaver

With its superior security for ultra-thin laptops with the Kensington Nano security slot, the 10mm diameter locking head and cleat locking mechanism offers proven protection that only Kensington can provide. Offers flexibility and compatibility with all Kensington 5mm key systems, including MicroSaver 2.0 and ClickSafe 2.0 locks, so you can use Kensington's custom key solutions in your business. Backed by Kensington's proven Hidden PinTM technology, NanoSaver offers protection and flexibility. 

3. Kensington VeriMark

Combining the highest biometric performance and 360° readability with anti-poofing protection, VeriMark fingerprint encryption provides universal two-factor authentication to protect your data from cyber theft. With a fingerprint algorithm that surpasses stripe sensors and industry standards for false rejection rate (FRR 3%) and false acceptance rate (FAR 0.002%), the encryption is clearly ahead of the curve for employees.

Provides scalable, instant access for Windows computers and platforms, including biometric login to Windows Hello. Modern security made easy. You can protect against unauthorized network access from compromised devices while reducing fraud and identity theft.

In the spirit of making two-factor authentication more user-friendly, Fast IDentity Online Certification (FIDO) as Universal Two-Factor Authentication (U2F) enables seamless interoperability and compliance with required two-factor authentication for logging in to cloud-based services and software vendors such as Google, Dropbox, GitHub and Facebook.

Provides a simple and secure password management solution that enables fingerprint authentication, automatic registration of user names and passwords for Web sites and logins, and encryption and decryption of files. You can now set up complex logins for your digital world and log in using your fingerprint.

The VeriMark fingerprint encryption can be easily taken along and attached to a normal bunch of keys.

4. Kensington N17 2.0 Laptop Lock f.Wedge-Shaped, Dual Head

Dell's tested and recommended Slim N17 2.0 laptop lock with two locking heads for Wedge-Shaped Security Slots is perfect for securing two devices with one solution, doesn't block valuable ports, and lets the laptop sit flat and stable. The second T-Bar locking head secures peripherals with the industry standard Kensington Security Slot. Meets or exceeds stringent load testing requirements. It features an omni-directional pivoting head and rotating anchor, the 5mm key system and participates in Kensington's free Register & Retrieve™ online service for key registration and replacement. Master Keyed provides administrator access, meaning the head of IT gets a master key for all locks and individual employees get their own lock and key. 5 Year Warranty From Kensington, inventor of the laptop cable lock and for over 25 years. 

5. Kensington Security Slot Adapter Kit

Ultrabook, MacBook Air and Chromebook laptops are valuable business tools and desirable for thieves. And some ultra-thin laptops lack a security slot making it impossible to attach a lock. The Kensington Security Slot Adapter securely attaches to your Ultrabook and other peripheral devices that do not have a built-in security slot. Simply attach the adapter with the included ultra-strong, industrial-strength adhesive and you’re ready to use a laptop lock to protect your investment. Lock sold separately. 

6. Kensington Slim combination lock f.standard security slot

Modern slim laptops will fit a regular cable lock, but the laptop itself is so thin that it won't lay flat when the lock is in place because it's thicker than the laptop itself, so it will stand out from the surface it's resting on. The Slim laptop combination lock is the strongest keyless security solution that allows ultra-thin 2-in-1 laptops with normal security slots to lie flat and stable on a surface.With the Slim locking head, your ultra-thin 2-in-1 laptop will not lift off the surface so it lies flat and stable.The strong locking head with cable has been inspected and tested to industry-leading standards for torque and pull, foreign object protection, life cycle, corrosion and other environmental conditions. Carbon steel cable with cut protection for anchoring to writing or work tables and other mounting points.The unique locking system's side-extending "hooks" engage. 

7. Kensington MicroSaver 2.0

8. Kensington VeriMark Guard

The cross-platform VeriMark Guard USB-C Fingerprint Key is FIDO2 and FIDO U2F certified, with advanced authentication options including strong one-factor (no password), two-factor, multi-factor and tap-and-go authentication for FIDO U2F. It offers Maximum Compatibility with web services such as Google, Facebook and Microsoft, with support for Chrome, Edge, Firefox and Safari. The security solution exceeds industry standards for False Acceptance Rate (FAR) and False Rejection Rate (FRR) and supports compliance with DSVGO guidelines.

VeriMark Guard provides advanced authentication options for FIDO2 biometric authentication services as well as FIDO U2F services that require SecurityKey functionality. Provides strong single-factor (passwordless), dual-factor, multi-factor and tapand-go support. Supports up to 10 fingerprints.

9. Kensington N17 Keyed Laptop Lock

Short info: Kensington N17 Keyed Laptop Lock - Master Keyed - For Dell Devices - Security Cable Lock - 1.83 m Group System Accessories Manufacturer Kensington Product Type. No. K64441EUM EAN/UPC 50282598194 Key features Product type Security cable lock Product material Carbon steel Length 1.83 m Localization Europe Detailed specifications General Product type Security cable lock Product material Carbon steel Length 1.83 m Localization Europe. 

10. Kensington ClickSafe 2.0

The 10mm locking head provides security for devices equipped with the Wedge-Shaped security slot, offering reliable protection that only Kensington can provide. The locking head allows even flat devices to be securely fastened while remaining in full contact with flat surfaces.

Offers flexibility and compatibility with all of Kensington's 5mm key systems, including MicroSaver 2.0 and ClickSafe 2.0 locks, so you can use Kensington's custom key solutions in your business. Backed by Kensington's proven Hidden Pin technology, the ClickSafe 2.0 laptop lock for Dell devices offers protection and flexibility. The carbon steel cable with protective jacket offers the same cut and theft protection as stronger cables, but provides more freedom of movement with a 1.80m length.