Best Garmin products in the Heart rate belts category

On this page you'll find a ranking of the best Garmin products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've already ranked the most important information about the products for you.

1. Garmin HRM-Pro Plus

Whether you're training indoors or outdoors, the HRM-Pro Plus heart rate chest strap's accurate data helps you test your limits and reach your goals. The HRM-Pro Plus transmits real-time heart rate data to compatible devices, fitness equipment and apps. The battery lasts up to 1 year and can be easily replaced without tools. Connect it to your compatible Garmin smartwatch and get pace and distance data while running indoors. This heart rate chest strap can do more than you think. 

2. Garmin HRM-Dual

The HRM-Dual Premium Heart Rate Chest Strap transmits real-time heart rate data via ANT+ and BLUETOOTH Low Energy, giving you more options to train indoors, outdoors or even online. With it, you'll consistently receive accurate heart rate data on your Garmin machine, in online training apps like Zwift, or even on compatible fitness equipment during your gym workout. So no matter how you prefer to work out, you'll get accurate real-time heart rate data for new levels of performance.

The soft strap of the HRM-Dual is comfortable to wear and adjustable in size. Simply remove the heart rate module and it can be washed. You won't run out of juice either. The battery lasts up to 3.5 years.

Module: 62 x 34 x 11 mm
Belt length: 63.5 to 132 cm
Weight: 54,4 g
Water resistance: 1 ATM (the product does not transmit heart rate data to the device while swimming)
Battery: Replaceable, CR2032 (3 Volt)
Battery life: Approx. 3.5 years (with average use of 1 hour per day)
Operating temperature: -5 °C to 50 °C
Radio frequency/protocol: 2.4 GHz ANT radio transmission protocol; BLUETOOTH® 5.0 wireless technology
Range: 3 m
System compatibility: ANT+, BLUETOOTH

3. Garmin HRM-Fit

4. Garmin HRM-SWIM

The non-slip HRM-Swim heart rate belt was specially developed for swimmers. It stores heart rate data and then sends it to compatible devices.

Make your swim training
more effective by pairing the HRM-Swim chest strap with your compatible Garmin watch via ANT+. The comfortable and non-slip belt has been specially designed for use in swimming pools and won't slip when you push it off the edge of the pool. It is also resistant to swimming pool bacteria. When the device is no longer in the water, such as when the upper body emerges from the water during exercise, real-time heart rate data, interval overviews, and stored heart rate data are sent to compatible Garmin devices.

Suitable for: Swimming pool, open water swimming, triathlon competition (open water swimming), no triathlon clothing required, running or cycling training as part of a multisport activity with swimming pool swimming.

Equipment dimensions (L x W x D): 58 to 145 x 3.8 x 1.2 cm
Weight: 72 g
Length change: Foldable
Battery: CR2032
Battery: 18 months (for swim training of 3 hours per week)
Water resistance: 5 ATM (corresponds to the test pressure at 50 m water depth)
ANT+® heart rate: Yes
Supports heart rate variability and enhanced heart rate functions: Yes
2.4 GHz ANT radio transmission protocol: Yes
Running efficiency: No
Stores and transmits heart rate data: Yes
Heart rate statistics for swim intervals: Yes
Non-slip design for swimming pools: Yes
Resistant to swimming pool chemicals: Yes

5. Garmin HRM Strap Extender

Use this extender to increase the size of your heart rate monitor straps if a larger size is needed.

6. Garmin Elastic chest strap for heart rate sensor

With this soft and elastic belt you can comfortably attach the wireless heart rate sensor to your chest.

Garmin Elastic chest strap for heart rate sensor
Heart rate belts
Quantity discount
9.90 CHF per piece for 2 units

Garmin Elastic chest strap for heart rate sensor