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Our online shop offers a large selection of Smartwatch accessories.

In this shop area you will find spare charging cables and other charging cables for most Smartwatches and sports watches in our assortment.
For convenient wireless charging you will also find several docking stations. The watch display is protected from scratches with a protective film or a protective liquid (liquid glass).

Another important accessory for your sports watch is a heart rate monitor, which allows you to measure your heart rate much more accurately, as the pulse is measured directly at the heart and not at the wrist. This is especially useful for interval training with sports watches, as such a heart rate belt for the sports watch helps to register the pulse change much faster. Pulse belts are available from Garmin, Polar, Suunto and other brands. With specific models it is also possible to measure the pulse underwater. Pulse belts work with batteries and do not need to be recharged.

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Garmin - HRM-Dual (Black)

Polar - H10 Size M-XXL (Black)

Garmin - HRM-TRI (Blue, Black)

Garmin - HRM run (Red, Black)

Garmin - Lade-/Datenklemme (Black)

Polar - H10 Size M-XXL (Grey)

Polar - H10 (Orange)

Polar - OH1 (Black)

Suunto - Smart Sensor incl. belt (Black)

Garmin - USB ANT Stick (Black)

Apple - Watch charging cable 1 m (Silver, White)

Garmin - Charging cable (Black)

Fossil - charger cable (White)

Polar - Per belt size M - XXL (Black)

Garmin - HRM-TRI und HRM-SWIM (Blue, Black)

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