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Are you running out of built-in memory for your smartphone or do you need storage capacity for your camera, smartphone or MP3 player? Want to upgrade your laptop and expand your memory? In our online shop you'll find exactly the right memory card from many brands, such as Sandisk, Sony, Samsung, Kingston, Lexar, Transcend and Toshiba.

A card storing data is usually abbreviated as an «SD card». The name comes from its memory format. The most widespread cards are those in the Secure Digital (SD) format. There's also the older «Compact Flash» format, as well as the newer and faster «CFast» and «XQD» formats. The standard format of an SD card goes with most photo cameras, laptops and PCs with a card reader. There are also microSD cards. The latter are required for most smartphones. microSD cards are compatible with SD cards and can be inserted into SD slots using adapters. Adapters are already included with many products. Individual solutions, such as a Transcend Jetdrive card that expands the memory of your Macbook Air and barely even stands out, are also available on

How much memory do SD cards have? Normal SD cards without additional memory offer you a maximum of 2GB of memory, which isn't enough for large amounts of data, such as photos and videos. So-called «SDHC» (SD High Capacity) models support up to 32GB, while «SDXC» (SD Extended Capacity) models theoretically support up to 2TB. You can also differentiate SD cards by reading and writing speeds. To simplify matters, many manufacturers specify only one transmission speed. A «Class 2» SD card can store 2MB per second guaranteed, with «Class 4» cards storing at least 4 MB/s and «Class 10» doing 10 MB/s. «UHS-I» cards (Ultra High Speed) offer at least 10 MB/s speeds, the fastest even go up to 95 MB/s. SD cards with the newer UHS-II standard offer up to 300 MB/s in compatible devices. In addition, there are so-called UHS speed classes: «U1» – for Full-HD videos – and «U3» for 4K videos.

Raspberry Pi 4 and Kodi: a lot of UHD for a small price

Raspberry Pi 4 and Kodi: a lot of UHD for a small price

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Buy it, use it, resell it: it’s as easy as this

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Sandisk ExtremePro microSD A2 (128GB, Class 10)
ExtremePro microSD A2 (256GB, Class 10)
Sandisk ExtremePro microSD A2 (256GB, Class 10)
Sandisk ExtremePro SDXC UHS-II (64GB, Class 10)
Sandisk ExtremePro microSD A1 (32GB, Class 10)
Sandisk ExtremePro SDXC UHS-II DUO (64GB, Class 10)

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