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There are countless lenses for SLR cameras and meanwhile almost as many for system cameras. Most camera manufacturers such as Sony, Fujifilm, Canon, Hasselblad, Nikon, Panasonic and Pentax offer their own lenses. But lenses from third party manufacturers are no less good, many are also cheaper than the original lenses. Well-known lens manufacturers are Sigma, Tamron Tokina, Lensbaby, Samyang, Voigtländer and Walimex. In order for you to find the right lens in our shop, we have summarized the decisive selection criteria for you. First of all, it's important to know that the lens of compact cameras is mounted directly on the camera, while DSLRs and system cameras allow you to change the lens (hence the name interchangeable lens).

In general, lenses differ in fixed focal length and zoom lenses. First of all, you have to decide whether you want to use a single, fixed focal length (fixed focal length lens) or if you want to zoom in and out (zoom lens). Fixed focal lengths offer high speed and imaging performance, which is important for indoor photography. This makes them particularly suitable for portrait and macro photography with a high level of detail. Your subject moves fast, is uncontrollable and you can't influence the distance between you and your subject? Then you need to switch quickly between different focal lengths and need a zoom lens. Not only for sports photography but also for travel photography universal zoom lenses like the 18-250mm from Sigma or the 16-300mm from Tamron are ideal. Here you have a variety of different settings, you can photograph almost all motifs and still don't have much luggage. As soon as you know whether you prefer a fixed focal length or a zoom lens, you decide on a focal length and thus on a macro lens (large scale for exact details), wide angle (wide angle of view, similar to the fisheye effect), normal or telephoto lens (get close to subjects far away), depending on the desired effect and purpose. It's easy to find everything, because you can filter the lenses in the category Lenses according to your wishes and requirements and have the suitable selection displayed.