Home automation

In today's world, a safe home is becoming increasingly important. That is why some network manufacturers have already addressed this issue and launched suitable products on the market, with which you can protect your house or apartment more easily and better than with a conventional alarm system - welcome to the Smart Home!
In addition to motion detectors and alarm sirens, there are also various sensors that can be attached to doors and windows, for example, and register a forced opening. Since all adapters can be integrated into your home network via your router, there is also a suitable app for your smartphone or tablet for most systems. So you will always be kept informed about unusual activities, no matter where you are. In some cases, the various smart devices are controlled via the Smart Home Hub.
Further possibilities are to expand home automation, such as automated power and lighting control, the integration of network cameras or the control of energy management.

We have well-known brands in our assortment such as: myStrom, Nuki, Nest, intertechno, Arlo, Fibaro, iSmartAlarm, Gigaset, Netatmo and many more.

Is your smart home really that protected?


These trends will influence the future of the smart home


No light without Dingz? Testing the smart wall switch


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Shelly - WLAN switching actuator

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