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USG: UniFi Security Gateway
Ubiquiti USG: UniFi Security Gateway


1 year ago
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4 out of 5 stars

A "Router" Mainly Targeted for Buisiness Use

I have the USG setup for less than a week. It took me 2 days and some help from the UNIFY wonderful helpdesk to understand how to make it work in my existing house network. Now I realized that some parental controls that I implemented to reduce the internet use of my children cannot be implemented anymore. I also realized that I had to connect the swisscom tv box directly to the swisscom router in order not to having to spend another 2+ days to understand how to setup a QoS compatible network. In a few words, this is a great piece of hardware, with great value, but it is not a product for the average consumer needs. 


  • plugs into unifi environment
  • traffic monitor


  • no parental control
  • bypasses provider router features
  • not easy to plug into existing network
  • does not easily support swisscom tvbox