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Apple TV 4K 32GB (2nd Gen) (Apple Siri)

Apple TV 4K 32GB (2nd Gen)

Apple Siri

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110 reviews

  • Memo21

    13 days ago
    purchased this product

    Best TV extension


    • Very good image quality
    • Good remote control
    • Intuitive
  • hendrik.franke

    1 month ago
    purchased this product

    Top. Running. Thank you.

  • urs.hofstetter84

    2 months ago
    purchased this product

    As expected a super device (except for Apple TV+)

  • User705

    3 months ago

    I only watch via Apple Tv

    Very quickly switched from the Apple TV 4k (the first one). This one runs much faster, no picture interruptions and I use it with a Huawei SIM card router, i.e. a mobile router. Works 1a


    • Controllable with mobile 4g or 5g router or mobile hotspot
    • Airplay
    • Works even if you don't have an iPhone
    • Very fast
    • Can be used as a Homekit control centre
    • Inexpensive TV enjoyment with Teleboy or similar.
  • valentinphi

    8 months ago
    purchased this product

    an indispensable tool for the home

    nothing to say about this one which is just perfect


    • simple
    • connected
  • Kyl98

    9 months ago
    purchased this product

    Very practical