Kensington Magnetic privacy filter 13" MacBook Air & Pro


Seamless attachment by magnets
Attaches seamlessly to the MacBook display using magnets in the MacBook frame. There is therefore no need for potentially harmful adhesives, and time-consuming assembly instructions
are unnecessary.

Limited viewable area
Limits the field of view to +/- 30° so that the data on your screen is protected from prying eyes and the likelihood of visual hacking is minimized.

Blue light reduction
Filters out harmful rays by up to 22%, relieving your eyes and reducing the likelihood of blue light disturbing your natural sleep pattern.

Reflection protection thanks to anti-reflective coating
Reduces glare from external light sources that can adversely affect display quality.

Privacy filter can be used on both sides
Both sides of the privacy filter can be used with different effects. One side has a matt surface for maximum glare protection, feels smooth and reduces fingerprints. The other side is glossy and provides a clearer view of the screen.

Attaches seamlessly to the MacBook display with magnets already built into the MacBook frame.
The display angle is limited to +/- 30°, so that personal or confidential information remains hidden from the prying eyes of your seat neighbours.
Reduces harmful blue light by up to 22
Reduction of glare and clearer images through anti-reflective coating
Can be used on both sides with matt or glossy surface
Protects the screen from scratches and damage
Includes an antibacterial cleaning cloth and screen holder to keep your privacy filter clean and protected from scratches when not in use

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