Garmin Forerunner 245

42.30 mm, Silicone, One size


Get the most out of your running. The Forerunner 245 will take you to the next level with its runners. With the PhysioCheck you improve the effectiveness of your training day after day. Always in view: your heart rate, measured at the wrist. Your Garmin even knows if your body is ready for the next workout or should be regenerating. Individual training plans and a personal running coach will help you achieve your goals. The Forerunner 245 offers individual insights into your training and recovery so you can make better decisions about your training and optimize your preparation for your next competition. It keeps an eye on your VO2max and knows how heat and altitude affect your performance. See how your training sessions affect endurance, speed and performance. Feedback on the aerobic and anaerobic Training Effect makes it possible. Recovery time information helps you get the most out of your efforts. For this purpose, a forecast is made indicating when you are ready for the next hard unit. Training plans according to your levelWith a plan you can reach your goals more easily. Garmin supports you with personal training plans. From the evening run to the marathon - there is something for everyone. The watch measures important running efficiency data such as stride frequency, stride length, ground contact time and ground contact time balance, vertical movement and vertical ratio. These measurements are essential if you want to know your shape and improve your technique. Stay up to dateWith the Forerunner 245, you'll always stay in touch when you're running thanks to Smart Notifications. Pair the device with your compatible smartphone and you can receive SMS messages and see social media updates, emails, and more directly on the device. New safety and tracking features allow you to easily share your position with selected contacts when you need help.Your energy level always in viewYour Garmin helps you better assess your body's energy level. The function evaluates your stress load, heart rate variability, sleep3 and activities to determine your personal body battery value. If it's high, you can take action with a clear conscience. If it's low, you should give your body some rest. In addition, the Forerunner 245 is our first running clock equipped with a Pulse Ox Sensor4.

Key specifications

Watch type
Sports watch
Main functions
Calorie consumption measurement, Heart rate monitoring, Oxygen saturation, Sleep recording, Smart notifications
Outdoor + Leisure functionalities
Cycling, Fitness functions, Running, Triathlon
Operating system
Operating system compatibility
Android, iOS
Case colour
Black, Bordeaux red
Wristband colour
Item number

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