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Arctic MX-6

4 g

- High-performance thermal paste for professionals - 4 gram syringe for easy dosing - Can be stored for up to 8 years.

Key specifications

4 g
Max. temperature
150 °C
Item number

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Very good95/100
gamezoom.netSingle testReleaseJune 2023
  • PositiveVery good performance
  • Positiveeasy handling (not too liquid)
  • PositiveHigh durability
  • Positivetop price
  • NegativeSmell of the cleaning cloths

For just under 8 euros (4 gram tube), you get a lot for your money. First and foremost, the very good performance and the fair price. The new Arctic MX-6 is also impressive in terms of handling, scope of delivery (very good cleaning cloths) and durability. In short: Enthusiasts and overclockers can buy this thermal compound without hesitation.