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Adafruit PN532 NFC/RFID Controller Shield for Arduino Extr

Art-Nr 5998524
 approx. 6–8 days Currently 3 piece(s) in stock at the supplier


  • approx. 6–8 days
    Currently 3 piece(s) in stock at the supplier

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A digitec product


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We've taken our popular Adafruit PN532 breakout board and turned it
into a shield - the perfect tool for any 13.56MHz RFID or NFC
application. The Adafruit NFC shield uses the PN532 chip-set (the most
popular NFC chip on the market) and is what is embedded in pretty much
every phone or device that does NFC. It can pretty much do it all,
such as read and write to tags and cards, communicate with phones (say
for payment processing), and 'act' like a NFC tag. If you want to do
any sort of embedded NFC work, this is the chip you'll want to use!

NFC (Near Field Communications) is a way for two devices very close
to each other to communicate. Sort of like a very short range
bluetooth that doesn't require authentication. It is an extension of
RFID, so anything you can do with RFID you can do with NFC. You can do
more stuff with NFC as well, such as communicate bi-directionally with
cell phones

Because it can read and write tags, you can always just use this for
RFID-tag projects. We carry a few different tags that work great with
this chip. It can also work with any other NFC/RFID Type 1 thru 4 tag
(and of course all the other NXP MiFare type tags)

The Adafruit shield was designed by RF engineers using the best test
equipment to create a layout and antenna with 10cm (4 inch) range, the
maximum range possible using the 13.56MHz technology. You can easily
attach the shield behind a plastic plate with standoffs and still read
cards through a (non-metal) barrier.

This shield is designed to use I2C or SPI communication protocols.
I2C is the default, as it uses fewer pins: analog 4 and 5 are used for
I2C (of course you can still connect other I2C devices to the bus).
Digital #2 is used for "interrupt" notification. This means you don't
have to sit there and 'poll' the chip to ask if a target tag has been
found, the pin will pull low when a card, phone, etc is within range.
You can adjust which pin is used if you need to keep digital #2 for
something else. It is also easy to change the shield over to SPI where
you can use any 4 digital pins by shorting two solder jumpers on the
top of the PCB. Compatible with any "classic" Arduino - NG,
Diecimilla, Duemilanove, UNO - as well as Mega R3 or later. For using
the I2C interface with Mega R2 or earlier, two wires must be soldered
as the I2C pins are in a different location on earlier Megas.

Comes with: the Adafruit NFC/RFID PN532 shield including a tuned
13.56MHz stripline antenna, 36-pin 0.1" header for attaching the
shield to an Arduino. We also toss in a Mifare Classic 1K card!

Download: Arduino-Library on GitHub [1]



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Currently 3 piece(s) in stock at the supplier


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 Expected delivery time: approx. 6–8 days
Currently 3 piece(s) in stock at the supplier

If ordered immediately.
Information subject to change.

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Adafruit PN532 NFC/RFID Controller Shield for Arduino Extr Adafruit PN532 NFC/RFID Controller Shield for Arduino Extr