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  • Reversible Sleeve (14")
  • Reversible Sleeve (14")
  • Reversible Sleeve (14")
CHF 72.50
Lenovo Reversible Sleeve (14")

Rating on Lenovo Reversible Sleeve (14").

User Tah&Asm
Reversible Sleeve (14")

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My ThinkPad T470p 14" fits very well. It doesn't move inside. Contrarily to other reviews I had read online elsewhere, people said the sleeve was too big for their 14" laptop.

Note : this laptop model is a technical laptop, not an ultrabook or slim laptop. I don't know how a slimmer laptop would fit.

Time will tell how durable and solid it is.

My laptop has an extra large battery that stands out from the chassis/base of the laptop, nevertheless it fits nicely in the sleeve.


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