To go with the new season: LEGO Stranger Things
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To go with the new season: LEGO Stranger Things

Ramon Schneider
Zurich, on 17.06.2019
Translation: Eva Francis
The long wait is over: the third season of «Stranger Things» is finally starting on 4 July 2019. To celebrate this, LEGO is turning the world upside down with a new set.

The first episode of «Stranger Things» on Netflix three years ago was all it took to get me hooked. At last, I’d found a series that fascinated me. Stranger Things is a bit scary, yet funny and comes with an amazing soundtrack. Now that the third season is just around the corner, everyone is wondering what’s in store for Eleven and her gang of pubescent boys this time around. LEGO has now come up with a Stranger Things set that allows you to reenact your favourite scenes from the series in your own living room.

Stranger Things: The other side (75810)
LEGO Stranger Things: The other side (75810)

The LEGO set includes the house of Joyce Byers (Winona Ryder) with furniture, living room, dining room and Will's (Noah Schnapp) bedroom. But that’s not all: in addition to the «regular» house, there’ san «Upside Down» version, which features all the rooms from the real-world model but with a dark, vine-covered, dilapidated look. A tree on each side of the house serve as supports while the sets also comes with the police car of Chief Hopper (David Harbour).

In addition to the 2,287 pieces, eight minifigures of the best-known protagonists are included in the set – one of them the Demogorgon, a creature from an alternate dimension who has found a way into the real world and is not particularly fond of humans, to say the least. Check out what else there is to see and explore in this video featuring the LEGO Designer himself:

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Ramon Schneider
Ramon Schneider
Junior Editor, Zurich
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