Sony presents its VR controllers for the PS5
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Sony presents its VR controllers for the PS5

Martin Jud
Zurich, on 18.03.2021
Translation: Patrik Stainbrook
Here they are; the first true VR controllers for the PlayStation. Sony lets us dive into the PS5's VR future, once again whetting our appetite with adaptive triggers, touch sensors and haptic feedback. All unique additions.

These days, most PlayStation VR users are stuck with using the Move motion controllers. So far, Sony has advertised them as «perfect for virtual reality» on its website. The fact that they're anything but perfect is clearly shown by the debut of a new VR controller for an upcoming PS5 headset.

The Move motion controllers: Sony apparently considers them perfect for VR control.

The fact that a new VR system is in development has been known since February 23, 2021. On the PlayStation Blog, Sony presents first details, but the text doesn't contain a single indication that points to resolution, refresh rate, field of view size or even any other paltry detail. Even if the content doesn't excite; we've known since then that a brighter VR future will soon begin at Sony. And the first thing we get to see are these controllers.

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no information available about this image

Compared to the old controllers, a true technological evolution is coming to PS5 console gamers. And yes, the new blog entry claims not only that they should enable a stronger sense of physical presence in the player, but also provides details:

  • A ball-shaped design should ensure that the controllers fit comfortably in your hands and offer a lot of freedom of movement. They should also be well balanced.
  • Your sense of touch is to be integrated into the gaming experience via finger touch recognition. The controller even recognises where the individual fingers are at any given moment. And this regardless of whether or not pressure is exerted.
  • Two adaptive triggers provide noticeable resistance. When you use a shotgun, it'll feel different than a bow.
  • Haptic feedback is supposed to further enhance the audiovisual experience.
  • A tracking ring on the bottom of the controller ensures that movements are tracked.
  • Buttons and sticks: «On the left controller there is an analogue stick, the triangle and square buttons, a «grip» button (L1), a trigger button (L2) and a create button. On the right controller is an analogue stick, the cross and circle buttons, a «grip» button (R1), a trigger button (R2), and an options button.»
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That's essentially what Sony is reporting. In addition, the design is apparently iconic. But no word on when you can expect the new VR system.

What do you think of the new VR controllers?

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Martin Jud
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