Protect plants and pots from the cold!
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Protect plants and pots from the cold!

Cinzia Memper
Zurich, on 05.11.2015
Our winters are simply too cold for many plants. Before the first frost bites, it is therefore important to protect and winterproof them. Find out how and where to house your plants through the winter

How to overwinter potted plants outdoors:

Potted plants that can stay outdoors need sufficient protection to survive winter. To prevent the roots from being frostbitten, the pots should be raised slightly by placing them on stops or bits of wood. This allows the air between the drain hole and the ground to circulate and ice to thaw and drain away properly. It is best to keep your plants in a sheltered spot close to a wall.

It is also very important to wrap your potted plants in protective material. Different kinds of materials are suitable for wrapping pots including: fleece, jute, lamb‘s wool, coco matting and other. After wrapping, cover the shoots with leaves, straw or brushwood. This is also a recommended way of giving garden plants some protection.

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How to overwinter evergreen potted plants indoors:

Evergreen potted plants such as laurel, olive trees, date palms or citrus species should spend winter indoors and need a bright spot. The best place for them is a bright and cool room (e.g. an unheated bedroom, conservatory, attic, storage room or in the stairway by a window).

How to overwinter deciduous potted plants indoors:

Deciduous potted plants such as fuchsias, geraniums or mallows should be kept indoors through winter. It’s fine to keep them in the cellar or garage as they like to be in dark, frost-free rooms during winter. Make sure to generously prune any deciduous plants before you bring them indoors. Buds, flowers, twigs, leaves and weeds should be removed from the pot.

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