M-WATCH Mondaine : A Swiss watch that's ready when you are
M-WATCH Mondaine : A Swiss watch that's ready when you are
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M-WATCH Mondaine : A Swiss watch that's ready when you are

Léonie de Montmollin
Zurich, on 14.12.2015
Discover the Yellow, Red and Blue collection – at your side where life happens!

Yellow: Bright and sturdy

Yellow features lots of synthetic materials, making this collection colourful and cheeky. These sturdy models suit an office environment as well as the latest trendy bar.

maxi (Analogue wristwatch, 42mm)
M-WATCH Mondaine maxi (Analogue wristwatch, 42mm)
WYN.152 (Analogue wristwatch, 42mm)
M-WATCH Mondaine WYN.152 (Analogue wristwatch, 42mm)

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Red: Traditional and elegant

Red holds onto tradition – naturally inspired by modern elements so that time spent at the opera or an art exhibition seems to pass too quickly.

WRE.461 (Analogue wristwatch, 25mm)
M-WATCH Mondaine WRE.461 (Analogue wristwatch, 25mm)
Metal Classic (Analogue wristwatch, 28mm)
M-WATCH Mondaine Metal Classic (Analogue wristwatch, 28mm)

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Blue: Sporty and straight-forward

Blue evokes an outdoor feeling and focusses on sports such as biking, surfing or parachuting. These models also look great when you're just chilling.

WBL.0822 (Analogue wristwatch, 41mm)
M-WATCH Mondaine WBL.0822 (Analogue wristwatch, 41mm)
Aqua Steel 40 (Chronograph, 40mm)
M-WATCH Mondaine Aqua Steel 40 (Chronograph, 40mm)

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Léonie de Montmollin
Léonie de Montmollin
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