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Game of drones

Oliver Stulz
Zurich, on 26.11.2015

Want to fly high and get a bird's eye view of the world? Find great starter drones and get loads of handy tips for your first flight.

Prior to purchase

Beginners looking to get some flight practice at home or outdoors on calm days will be perfectly equipped with a small drone. They're not only easy to fly but perfect for indoor and outdoor use.

Want to capture your flights on camera? Then you should consider investing in a drone that impresses with high-quality videos. Even very small, easy-to-fly drones are capable of recording in HD-quality. More upscale versions are great for professional, smooth images – and what’s more: They’re easy to fly thanks to the “return home” mode. As soon as it is activated, the drone is immediately stabilised and flies back to its starting point. Furthermore, these models take off and land automatically.

Want to start flying right away? Then a «Ready-to-Fly» drone (RTF) is what you need. These models come pre-assembled, so all you need to do before take-off is charge the battery. In addition to the RTF models, our range also includes Almost-Ready-to-Fly drones (ARF) and easy-to-assemble kits so you can mix and match all components and equip your drone according to your taste.

Two perfect drones for first flights

Quadcopter RAYVORE green (0 min, 105 g)
Revell Quadcopter RAYVORE green (0 min, 105 g)

Two perfect drones for first video recordings

X4 Quadcopter Camera Version (7 min, 50.20 g, 0.30 Mpx)
Hubsan X4 Quadcopter Camera Version (7 min, 50.20 g, 0.30 Mpx)
X5C 31.5cm mit Kamera (300 g)
Infiniti X5C 31.5cm mit Kamera (300 g)

Two perfect drones for professional video recordings

Phantom 4 (28 min, 1380 g, 12 Mpx)
DJI Phantom 4 (28 min, 1380 g, 12 Mpx)
Typhoon H Pro RealSense (22 min, 1530 g, 12.40 Mpx)
Yuneec Typhoon H Pro RealSense (22 min, 1530 g, 12.40 Mpx)

Weitere Drohnen für Einsteiger

Tips and information for your first flight

Surely you can’t wait to launch your drone at full throttle but to avoid crashing it during the first flight, we recommend taking the following tips to heart:

  • Respect the law – Familiarize yourself with the regulations issued by the Federal Office of Civil Aviation (FOCA). Click [here] for more information ( "here")
  • Fly your drone on a calm day in an open field – Gusts of wind make the drone hard to control and may even send it crashing to the ground.
  • Carry out a pre-flight check – Each drone should be checked for certain functions before take-off. Study the manual and follow the instructions for the first check.
  • Keep your distance – Always maintain a safe distance between your quadrocopter, other objects and yourself. Particularly look out for power lines and pylons.
  • Avoid gatherings of people – It is prohibited to operate drones above gatherings of people. Furthermore, do not let yourself be distracted by onlookers.
  • Never lose sight of your drone – Fly your drone close enough to maintain eye contact and to be able to land it if the battery is low.
  • Charging and draining battery – Make sure your battery is fully charged before take-off and never fully drain the battery. To avoid premature failure, LiPo batteries should be recharged as soon as battery levels are at around 20%.
  • Advice from friends and Youtube – Get flight advice from friends who are experienced with model aircrafts. Also check out some of the numerous Youtube video tutorials so you know what to look out for when flying your drone for the first time.

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