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Finally, the Dyson Airstrait has arrived! I’m sold, even if there’s room for improvement

Dyson’s Airstrait hair straightener is finally available in Switzerland. I thoroughly tested the new hair styler and am impressed, despite some drawbacks.

Dyson kept people in Switzerland waiting for the Airstrait for almost ten months. That’s what I call cruel. At last, the new hair straightener is now also available here. Dyson sent me a test model to try out for a few days. Discover how the luxury styling tool works and what it’s good and not so good at in the video above. For English, click the gear icon, «Subtitles/CC» and «Auto-translate».*

No time to watch the video? There’s a summary of my opinion and the most important points in a nutshell below.

I like the futuristic design.
I like the futuristic design.
Source: Valentina Sproge-Werndli
The small «cockpit» is intuitive.
The small «cockpit» is intuitive.
Source: Valentina Sproge-Werndli
You can remove the copper plates for cleaning purposes.
You can remove the copper plates for cleaning purposes.
Source: Valentina Sproge-Werndli

In a nutshell

Recommended, but not for everyone

The Airstrait impressed me. But that doesn’t mean I’d recommend it to everyone. Quite the opposite in fact. I’d even go so far as to say it’s only useful to a very specific target group. Do you wash and straighten your hair several times a week? In that case, the Dyson Airstrait can save you a lot of time and hair damage. If you only style your mane occasionally, it’s just too expensive.

All in all, I’d give the product four and a half out of five stars if that were possible. But it isn’t, so I’ll make do with four.


  • natural and well-groomed result
  • quick styling from wet to dry
  • unlike a straightening iron, it heats up to a maximum of 140° C, making it gentle to the hair
  • automatically reduces airflow and noise when you’re not styling your hair
  • makes your hair shine and keeps frizz at bay


  • large, heavy plug
  • not that easy to hold
  • struggles to fully grip strands of hair

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