A space expert can do everything – except build Lego and answer questions at the same time

Martin Jungfer
Zurich, on 09.05.2022
Direction: Armin Tobler
Translation: Eva Francis

Together with Guido Schwarz, founder and director of the «Swiss Space Museum», I’m building a moon rover out of Lego. While doing so, I learn quite a few interesting and entertaining facts about space travel.

I’ve known Guido Schwarz for many years. He's a good friend – of course I started off our Lego building session with a bit of friendly banter. While Guido studied the instructions, looked for the right parts and put them together, I questioned him on moon expeditions. There are probably only a few people in Switzerland who know as much about this as he does. Guido knows a lot of important people in the space scene, including the moonwalkers who are still alive – the NASA men who’ve actually been on the moon. He also owns numerous artefacts from the history of space travel. And has a wealth of knowledge and anecdotes.

As director of the Swiss Space Museum, he’s made it his mission to spread his knowledge and fascination about space. He often appears as an expert on TV and radio programmes – about topics such as meteorites to rocket-obsessed billionaires.

When he visited the Galaxus studio, he realised that talking and building at the same time is tricky. He only completed the challenge because we stopped the countdown for a while. Having said that, we need to give him some credit for his vocal performances that weren’t planned and took some time, too.

But take a look for yourself. The video’s in the header. For English subtitles, click the gear icon, «Subtitles/CC» and «Auto-translate».

With a bit of luck and know-how, you’re in for a chance to win a prize. We’re giving away two packages, each consisting of three Lego City sets. The entry deadline is 31 May 2022. We will notify the winners.

Lunar Research Base (60350, LEGO City)
LEGO Lunar Research Base (60350, LEGO City)
Lunar Space Station (60349, LEGO City)
LEGO Lunar Space Station (60349, LEGO City)
Lunar rover (60348, LEGO City)
LEGO Lunar rover (60348, LEGO City)

Win one of two Lego City packages!

Who was the first man on the moon?

The competition has ended.

If you want to know more about the Swiss Space Museum and its projects or if you want to contact Guido, here’s further information.

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