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Mobile phone covers

Mobile phone coversMobile phone covers

Mobile phone screen protectors

Mobile phone screen protectorsMobile phone screen protectors

Notebook cases

Notebook casesNotebook cases

Tablet cases

Tablet casesTablet cases

Headphone pouches + protective covers

Headphone pouches + protective coversHeadphone pouches + protective covers

Mobile phone accessories

Mobile phone accessoriesMobile phone accessories

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    Since its founding in 2008, Spigen has gained recognition among manufacturers in the industry and is now one of the leading suppliers. Spigen is a global supplier of high quality mobile accessories. It continues to grow while setting new goals to maintain its core values and achieve smart and protective products.

    The word "Spigen" is a combination of two words: "spiegel" and "gen".
    It is a direct representation of the company's efforts to focus on and reflect the needs of its customers.

    All Spigen products are made from high quality materials in a continuous process. Producing quality products that are thin, elegant and simple is the top priority. Spigen products are designed and developed in California.